Color Remediation for CO2


Recently we have seen a huge uptick in awareness of BHO filtration using absorbents. This may have had the CO2 folks sitting there like “WTF”.

Well GOOD NEWS! Absorbent filtration works for CO2 as well. There are a few people doing it with carbon, but I would suggest that if you are running CO2 extraction that you catch up with the CRC conversation.



Would I need to dissolve my primary extract in ethanol or butane before throwing a Color Remediation Cartridge at the problem??



This would be an inline, same solvent, situation. Just gotta find the right place to put the absorbent.

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I’ve got a couple things I plan on trying in the near future. If you’d like we can chat about my results when I’m done.

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I plan on trying heptane and pentane instead of butane. Gonna try filtering inline as well as in post processing to see what works best.



why extract with co2 if your going to put it into heptane or pentane ?

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Municipal restrictions.



The CRC process isnt just making oil with less color, it’s more potent/purer as well. My thought is to get CBD extractions up into the high 80s, low 90s for insta crystal that only needs one pentane wash.

Can you have pentane waiting in the collection pot in a CO2 system?



Probably not, I don’t know enough about how pentane acts under pressure. Maybe though… I’d have to adjust pressures on the collection vessels to keep it in there and not flowing to my recycler.






The use of silica inline in CO2 is patented, albeit for separation of CBD and THC.

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Yeah SFC is gonna be a big deal soon. @drjackhughes



I’m gonna be looking for a collaboration soon to do some basic research. Minor cannabinoids are soon to be within reach through yeast extracts (if they listen to me…trying to do the major ones is just a turn off for anyone outside the pharma industry. Ppl actually like growing this plant and put a lot of love into it…gene jockeys don’t get it sometimes).



@drjackhughes as a gene-jockey in a previous life, you have my attention.

what do you need in the way of a collaborator?

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I think it starts with picking through some papers for minor cannabinoid targets that have been studied enough to elucidate the pathway. I’ve been paging through Natural Products Reports, v33, 12, 2016, p1347-1448 for inspiration.

As long as there’s one that’s an enzymatic step away from common cannabinoids, or other commercially available feedstocks, jockey its into a hosts DNA (I know jack all about when to use E. coli or yeast or other), feed it the precursors and all the metabolites needed, incubate, extract, purify and characterize.

I hope I didn’t butcher that too much. My ex was the gene-jockey.

So I guess for this to start, there would have to be a published pathway, and a decently accessible enzyme.



Just wanted to bump this one up.

If I used an etoh crude would the same color remediation steps apply if i then dissolved the crude into co2 and did the non-polar tek (a-la butane?)



im also very interested in this idea if you have more info.