Color Remediation Column manufacturers

Hello everyone!
I’m just looking for help finding manufacturers of color remediation columns. I see extractor depot and bvv and then I hit a brick wall. Please, and thank you so much, for any help at all.


@Indofab and @Soxhlet (same team)

I think @Killa12345 sells a Chinese steel version? Apologies if that’s incorrect.


@ampequip on ig also has one. I wouldn’t choose bvv because it has no sintered filter

Xtractor Depot sells three sized crcs.

Extractor Depot sells the exact same ones @Killa12345 does. They’re from Cema.

Go with killa



Do we trust Chinese CRCs? Found one for $240 + $150 shipping and seems too good to be true!

Ill sell you a USA made dual column CRC skid for the same price anyone here offers you china junk with a liquid pump, or I’ll be come in below them and offer lifetime support and help. And it can be used from chromatography as well.


Got pics and specs?

@Killa12345 has for similar price. Faster shipping to. His actually has a sintered filter also

I also need to pickup a cartridge tomorrow, in LA. Guess I’ll check out xtractor depot

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Interested in CRC column please contact me, thank you.

Can I get a back rub and foot massage with this?

I can go scan the streets and send over a lady of the evening for a small extra fee

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Picking one up from amp equipment myself , I do have. Question for you all and this will help me decide on my purchase as well as materials order so please help

What dose each material pull ? Carbon , silica, d.e ,t41 are all materials I have been told to use but I’m not sure what each one I removing also looking for info on what removes the terps ? The last 3 crc dabs I have tried had no flavor and smelled like something odd but all came from fresh frozen or bomb popcorn nugs

Hit me up fora deal I have one in stock with extra plates ready to go.