Color of distillate

Hi all,

I’ve been having issues with our color during distillation. Previously, we’ve been deterping with our WFE and was getting great success with color, however our buyers complained of the terpiness. See pics of distillate.

Now, we deterp with our short path and have been getting this type of distillate.

We extract at -40 with the CUP15. Also, No polishing has been done. My team suggest I add in terps and mix it in, but I’ve expressed my concerns for this as it would fuck everything up.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

If You put reports wfe against spe
Do You have diffrent cannabinoid numbers
Are You higher in CBN Wich is often proclaimed as causing the red
Are your parameters Well set ?
Seems like to hot to fast to me

I follow the Colombolabs SPD SOP. I stop it before cannabinoids go over.

As for my WFE I’m following Pope’s suggested parameters.
Body temp - 155-170C
Internal condenser - 70 C

All distillate is at least 90 perecent THC.
CBN reported for the 2nd distillate is at 1.7 percent

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What are the comparible temps on the short path?

Also, I can get similar results to yours when I process fairly old material.

I run it from 140C all the way up to 220 at 10 degrees increments after each rise in vapor temp. When the green has gone I stop the SPD.

So you concentrated the cannabinoid fraction and ended up with a more pure product… there are terps, and there are heads… on a wiper you can do a heads strip… but the parameters are a bit different. 200C jacket temp (70C coil temp) 2-3 torr on the system. Itll remove aome cannabinoids but itll mainly grab the heads… fine tuning those numbers is different for every system… youre dealing with a shorter short path then an spd while in a wfe system… removing just heads becomes difficult…

Also because youre tightening the vac depth by using the spd to deterp/dehead. Your vac stability and depth is different on the wiper… so you have to compensate the jacket/condenser temps… cool thing about the wiper is you can pass multiple
Times and just record data without fucking up the potency.

Gotta find that parameter… also, dark in volume doesnt mean dark in cart… but terps/heads taste gross…

What are test results like via each method


Also red doesnt mean cbn… thats bad info…


Great f*cking info!

It remains to be said that you could pull a lower mantle temp with a better spd setup.

Ahh that makes sense.

The first picture was tested at 95% and then 2nd wasn’t tested at 93% THC. Not too much of a difference.

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Lowest temp ive pulled cannabinoids out of a 5L summit with a shorty head was 126.7C vapor temp… theres a depreciating return of temp based on vac depth… mantle temp was only 135

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I’m confused.

The complaint is that the lighter colored material “deterped” on your WFE has too many terps? (and you like the color)

And your team suggested you ADD terps to the stuff deterped in your SPD to make the color lighter?

is that correct?!?

That is correct. They had me experiment by adding terps to the distillate. :joy:

I had a disty that i put away and i checked it after a couple of weeks and the bottem part is light yellow and the top part is dark yellow. I looked back at the lab result and it is Δ9=55% and Δ8=24% and 14% cbd. Is the top part Δ8? our is it oxidation? I put it away with aron so i think it can not be oxidation?..
Almost start to think that Δ9 is lighter so goes down and Δ8 goes up? does anyone can help me out of this brainwave? thanks in advance.

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They are identical MW so I don’t believe this is what’s happening. It’s likely whatever that 7% impurities are that are shifting.

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not surprised. I have a BR and a pope.

I’ve seen the exact same thing, except the BR oil will look significantly better than the pope oil. but literally for a day. then onto oxidation :man_facepalming:t4:

time under heat