Coldtrap absolutely necessary?


When running a chiller is a coldtrap absolutely necessary? I have it connected but it barely collects anything since we got the chiller.


Depends on how often you want to service your vacuum pump.

I’d say yes.


All.depends on what your doing, and what vacuum pump types.


We’re using an across international 21 cfm corrosion resistant on a 2L spd

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Spd yes


Agreed, you’re going to be pulling all kinds of garbage beyond your collection flask, better to condense what little garbage there is than let it mess with your vacuum pump.


where and why are you running a chiller? pics?


if your running a shortpath a cold trap is absolutely necessary, you will screw up your pump in short order. terpenes can be corrosive to seals in high concentrations. plus all the other crap, means that you will seize up your pump quickly.
get a trap and get dry ice. if dry ice is hard to comeby in your neck of the woods get an immersion chiller, they are pricey, but will pay for themselves quickly. i have 2 polyscience ip-100s and they are life savers that protect and ensure the longevity my pumps.


double on the immersion chiller, def a life saver, its the worst watching the pressure climb mid run and scrambling for scraps of DI :joy::rofl::upside_down_face:


You’d be surprised how far I got running a short path with no cold trap for a while. Oil contamination was one thing but the smell was the worst!


second pass its acceptable, but man, first pass… I feel bad for that pump :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


What I feel bad for was every person in the building. Smelled like burnt rotten fish even after a fresh oil change.


oh yeah…Im well acquainted with said odors , I was stoked when I finally eliminated all smell from the lab while running, hitting head against wall for not doing it earlier :rofl:


You say that now…

Just wait until you “accidentally” spill the heads recieving flask on your arm when you go to dispose of it.

No bueno!



way ahead of ya there buddy

citrasolve or d lime, along with many other methods can remove that… was so happy when I found citrasolve. imagine accidentally spilling a 5 gal bucket of heads, that’s the true “no Bueno”


Not to mention what kinda exhaust that creates. I was making gel cartridges and the gel would harden in the lines and mix with the oil in the vac pumps

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Yeah, but this is the inside of my cold trap and I am just getting to my distillate fraction.

It’s literally bone dry

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I have a -90 immersion chiller ive never used. What transfer fkuid are tou using, im all stainless cold trap 1” all the way from pump to glass. My concern was can it handle the load or would only having one be better used for 2nd passes? Thanks


What would be the benefit of using a coldtrap during 2nd pass??
I’m using dynalene HC-50


Bone dry. But what are you using in your cold trap? And what style is it?