Cold Traps

OLCC Licensed processor looking for 1-2 cold traps to pair with our 10L rotos.

Bought two AI T80s and shortly out of warranty one has busted and the other is on the decline. We have a Labconco -80 but seems to warm up very fast. Would gladly take recommendations on cold traps you like as well. :smiley:

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If your running the rotos 24/7 it would help to have a trap that you can drain mid operation, or a peristaltic pump to constantly remove the condensate. You could go for a coil type condenser with a low temp heat transfer fluid, or a dewar type with an immersion chiller.3049136
similar to this, only in a cold trap.The picture is from google.

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Bigger chiler and diaphragm pumps and you don’t need cold traps

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I tend to disagree, a cold trap will allow deeper vacuum, which means less heat, which means relatively less chilling power.


Do you have a detail view of what the cold trap in the diagram looks like IRL? Are the ones like that made for continuous running?

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That’s just a standard Dewar style cold trap. If you put a peristaltic pump on it instead of a receiving flask it would operate continuously

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like @Future said, its just a dewar cold trap with a perastaltic pump, nothing to write home about!
Imagine the rotovap cold trap in the pic, except it’s serving the role of a cold trap.

I am running a Labconco Freezone 2.5 Plus on the backend of jacketed reactor.
I am collecting white condensate in the coil area.IMG_20190425_070506909|666x500 It is water soluble and has a very potent smell. 2 questions: anyone know what that is and why I am collecting so much of it? What is a Dewar style cold trap?

Sorry, pic didn’t upload properly…