Cold ethanol pumps


That thing is way better than the eco pumps for sure.


No problem glad I can contribute. It’s been a pain in the ass trying to find something actually rated for -80c at the pressures I need. Although it pains me to spend so much for a single pump (almost 15k with the controller and other options) in the long run being in CA its the only viable long term solution. FYI a nitrogen or inert gas blanket is required for this pump to prevent ice build up on the pump. A N2 generator will supply more than enough gas for this purpose.



@cyclopath how’s the CPE pump working at cold temps? My diaphragm pump is being way too sassy and trying my patience.


Not a win. Gearpumps with rated motors are the best option other than -/+ve pressure that I’ve tried so far.

I’ve got one last trick up my sleeve. Need to secure a source before blabbing.

They are visible on this site & look like a great response.


How well do they do with low Viscosity?


They definitely work better once the solvent is cold. Haven’t had any problems with pulling (priming) directly from rm temp barrels.

“Don’t hate them” might too feint a praise, but saying I loved them would also be inaccurate.


Maybe this would deal with cold temps.


Should work with rm temp ethanol.

Dubious about their performance at -80C.

They are described as “low volume metering pumps”, which isn’t really what we are trying to achieve.

If they can pull against a vacuum, there are other places they might be appropriate


Sooo… the $400 methanol fuel (gear) pump is currently the best option I’ve tried. There are a couple of other good options that I haven’t played with yet & I still need to give this thing a decent workout, but it primes AND moves lots of solvent. We’ll see how it does against a filter…

Or at -80 whichnit is not rated for :slight_smile:


Thats why I got an AI oven and an re-501


Looks like they’ve got a 12gpm 115V model. I might have to go ahead and get one.


Worked great until we burst a bag. Intake screen clogged imediately. Not the pumps fault, but needs noting.

Both pushed and pulled, including priming, through a filter. Almost emptied it too (pumping air). Cold didn’t phase it. Not as fast as N2 (and N2 does that other stuff).

Caveats: Came lubicated. Intended for fuel not food. Leave intake screen accessible or supplement it with something both bigger & smaller.

Materials and construction appear appropriate. I removed lubricant and cleaned everything thoroughly.

Want the ability to feed it 3-20V and reverse it. Should be fairly simple.

Might make more sense to play similar games with the AC version.


Does anybody know about these? For homebrewing from australia. Its rated up to 120C They have a bigger model and they offer a stainless housing. Theyre cheap like next to nothing. I wonder how it would work cold?


This looks to be a good option, compared to the CPE Systems unit…about the same price, but has wireless remote options…and 2hp…


CIP pump that is explosion proof


Buy one and test it share results- I want one.


Looks great, except the blurb says it works because the impeller is flexible…

So I have doubts about running it much below -20C

There are very few elastomers that play well at -80C


If you’re in the US, note that those Aussie pumps have British Straight Pipe fittings, and want 220V. Both are doable.

They should run faster at 60hz that 50 :slight_smile:

As for how they deal with cold…?!?


Alfa Laval makes great equipment, but good luck getting them to spend much time with you if you’re less than a $1M/year annual client. Also be prepared to pull out your wallet, I’ve never seen an instance where I personally felt Alfa equipment was on the right side of the cost/value equation.


yeah, I did see that. Thanks for detailing that knowledge, I’ll keep it in mind when researching.