Cold Ethanol Extraction

I’m so glad I’ve always skipped freezing the biomass. It always seemed like a huge waste of time, energy and labor just to have it warm up again so quickly while getting it into the bags to extract. Lack of heat capacity makes sense.

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I got into the habit of freezing my biomass because at my first gig it took me weeks or sometimes months to accumulate enough of any one strain to run anything worthwhile.

Now that my biomass shows up in tractor trailers, I look at the guys freezing it by the CUP-full (walk-in freezer with a days worth of canna-kerigs) and wonder how it affects their yields.

I don’t believe pre-freezing the biomass has much if any effect on quality. I suspect it can lower yields.

I am certain that unsealed bags left in a freezer for months will not extract well at all (yep, solid data on that :shushing_face:).