Coffee Thread

Coffee styles, tastes, ideas machines and what not.


Some would argue that this belongs in extraction :stuck_out_tongue:


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you mean you don’t grind up your coffee?


I don’t grind flower, just pack it in the column

I also pack a little bit of espresso in the espresso column

I like cappuccinos!
But French press will work!


i loooove good coffee… got a Jura machine that grinds the bean, presses a puck, and the uses pressure to create a thick crema on top. Love the Costco Starbucks beans. My fav by far. have not changed coffee beans in like 7 years lol It’s like crystal meth coffee


Italian press ftw

I like pourover, but I’ll drink Folgers happily🤷‍♂️


is this what pourover is? we called it the nut sack in Costa Rica… was great


oh fuck yeah ima rain on this thread lol <3
@Myrrdin that point is what excites me so much about the thing, the parallels b/w coffee and cannabis extraction make my brain sparkle. i worked 10 years in ‘specialty’ coffee and it’s what sparked my fascination with all things extraction, and the explosive potential locked inside those beans. i don’t know any other single plant source that can produce such a wide array of flavor and aromatic compounds, other than cannabis. though, a lot of these are generated through the roasting process chemically, so technically the coffee plant produces precursors moreso than the compounds themselves.

fun facts:

  • coffee can produce 800+ flavor and aromatic compounds; wine can produce 200 or so. that’s 4 times the potential flavors and aromas than a product that involves insane amounts of money (and pretentiousness) for those flavor nuances.
    i don’t know the overlap of compounds found in both cannabis and roasted coffee but i imagine there’s a bunch.
  • espresso has less total caffeine per serving than drip coffee.
  • lots of people associate the bitter flavor of a dark roast with higher ‘kick’/caffeine content–actually it’s the opposite. the roasting process degrades caffeine, so a lighter roast retains more–however, it’s debated if this degradation is significant. another caveat is that, if you’re doing it right you’re weighing your beans instead of dosing volumetrically. dark roast beans are less substantial, having lost some mass to further roasting. so, you’ll use more dark roast beans to achieve the same weight as light roast, so will end up with more caffeine in your brew after all
  • i could go on

if you’ve never had a perfectly prepared brew made from a light roast from a small farm in Ethiopia or Columbia at a nice dialed in light (full city) roast, with up-front vibrant acidic raspberry and floral notes and a honey sweetness and no bitterness whatsoever, damn. just damn. blows any glass of wine i’ve ever had right out of the water.
most people don’t know what’s possible from this product


this looks like a cool rig

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I got this Breville 870 like 3 years ago, and use it every day. Paid for itself in under a year.

Huge fan of any peaberry coffee, but specifically variatals from the Yirgacheffe highlands of southern Ethiopia


personal pref would be Chemex, though Hario V60 is a close 2nd. super clean, full flavor. i consider a Chemex the way to make a V60-quality brew at a larger scale

re: lever machines, as above, those are cool as fuck and fun to use but have an even steeper learning curve than automated machines, and the learning curve is plenty high there. probably only use if you’re a trained and experienced barista, and/or have a ton of time and money to invest in trial and error and training yourself


cool how it has a Bar Pressure Gauge to assist w/ the hand lever. that would be a fun cup of coffee to make


I use a French press. I would get an espresso maker but my kitchen is too small for any more appliances…


nice, i’m looking to get a home machine too but machines of a quality to make it worth it for me start at $1k plus.
I’m with you on Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is great. coffee itself originated in these highlands, you can get coffee harvested from wild-occurring plants these days, called ‘heriloom’ varietals, they are delicious


Pour over 4l

(when I drink coffee, pretty rare these days)


Anyone tried green coffee? I saw it on this travel show in Egypt a while back. Haven’t had a chance yet.

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The control of grind size combined with the pressure gauge and a timer was everything for me optimizing my espresso shots.

I like the correlation between CRC column prep and packing a portafilter. Channeling is never your friend

But I also have an oldschool Bunn coffee Brewer that slaps, and effectively pre-wets the ground beans on its own


I also make cold brew a lot during the summer.