Co2 expanded ethanol extraction at cryogenic temps

any info on the solubility of co2 in ethanol between -110f thru 0 f? all the info i can find is either above zero and looking at pressure or is behind a paywall

Post the pay wall links and I’ll add them to the data dump for you

Or click on that link up at the top of the page :point_up:

Measurements of vapor–liquid equilibrium in both binary carbon dioxide–ethanol and ternary carbon dioxide–ethanol–water systems with a newly developed flow-type apparatus - ScienceDirect

i tried but didnt seem to work.

The link from above, for free!

if you have the direct link, use Sci-Hub

i just used scihub on one and the download is scrambled in a weird way. I redownloaded and opened with multiple programs but im pretty sure its not a formatting thing. hav u ever seen something like this.perl1de1 (1).pdf (8.5 MB)