CO2 Distillate vs Ethanol Distillate


I was thinking the last time about the final parameters of different distillates, and i have a question if you can help me guys.

1.What would be the difference between 2 different distillates which start from material from different method of extraction? .In both distillations the same conditions. One of them starting from CO2 extraction, and the other one from cold ethanol extraction.

2.Is the same start from Cold wash Ethanol extraction and warm ethanol extraction? I mean, the distillate will yield similar composition. So if I make a distillation of RSO it will produce clear?

Thanks Guys, I have search a lot, but I haven’t find too much info. I appreciate if you could help me.


You’ll certainly lose a large portion of your terpenes with ethanol extraction. On the other hand, if that doesn’t matter, CO2 generally requires a bit more work in post-processing to get it cleaned up.

I’ve never distilled an ethanol extraction, so I’m not sure about any differences beyond that.

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Well can t tell You much on CO2 extracts
But ethanol extracts can make Nice Distillate but ethanol is a polar solvent
So If You would extract with ethanol at room temperatures You get RSO
A darkgreen /black oil
This is filled with chlorofyl and Wax sugar and the works
Now If You extract with ethanol at Cryo temperatures a minimum beeing -40C
Prefurably at -80C
Your oil Will be golden transparant and If done properly Will have No chlorophyl No Fats and a lot less of all other compounds
Then cleaning of your oil is highly recomended before distillation de gum
Carbon scrub diomatacus earth etc
Winterizing If necesary
So your oil Total cannabinoid content after distillation Will be highst If the oil You start with is cleanest
RSO is very hard to clean to such quality
That is why i would not recomend RSO for destillate


From a practical standpoint I’ve never seen a difference as I apply roughly the same processes for both. The differences in chemical composition of the resulting solution aren’t that different assuming you’re not over-extracting with CO2. Both go through the same preparative steps with a few minor differences such as more manual separation of waxes with CO2, more gums/sugars with Ethanol, but once they’re through all of the standard processes both solutions are highly divergent from the crude extract anyway, in terms of chemical composition.


They are similar, you will need to dewax your crude of you are going from co2. If you started with a cryo etoh extraction you wont need to dewax. Reguardless the crude will have residual etoh, that makes them the same in my book as far as how the distillation will behave in the beginning of the process.


It’s definitely all in the pre/post processing and the distillation parameters. I always do a hot first pass on anything that was extracted with a polar solvent because of the propensity for extraction of water soluble materials. Co2 crude is also much more reactive in the SPD during terps/heads so make sure you have your finger on the “oh shit” valve :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I have seen better results with ethanol vs BHO in my own lab. I have made 97% distillate with ethanol but the extract I made was not what I would call RSO as it tests around the 85% mark before distillation. I can not say much more about how I do this but it was a 2L stil with a chemglass short path head.


I have no real evidence, but I typically see CO2 distillate with lower the test resultstham etho.

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