CO2 Crude PH

whats up everyone,

started experimenting with PH of my CO2 crude. Im new to this, so I dont really know how to adjust it up or down . I purchased the Hydrion PH testing tape from micro essential lab. It showed my crude being a 3 on the PH scale. wondering where i should be at in terms of PH and how i adjust up or down. Thanks


You want to be at a 7. There’s at least a few methods and different compounds you can use to bring it up. The citric acid degumming thread is a good place to start.


thank you Extek, always very helpful.

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What potential issues could you see arise from having too low of a pH? Unwanted isomerization of cannabinoids?

That’s the thing. CO2 crude tends to shift to CBC/delta 10 as well as something else.