CO2 Brand

Hello i’m new at this and i’d appreciate to hear some references about Apeks, Green Mill, Eden labs and other CO2 extractors for business.

Pretty happy with our IES machine but had to work out some kinks here and there Coa attached of what the machine can do if your confiden

We have an Apeks in order, I’ll let you know!

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Thanks, why did you choose apeks i’m really thinking about them

Stay away from co2. Go hydrocarbon or alcohol


why? not even CO2 ethanol cosolvent?

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Nope. Only reason people do co-solvent is to try and justify spending $300k on a fancy piece of garbage

CO2: massive up front cost, super long run times, small throughput, low quality product that needs another refinement process (with a solvent you could just extract with) to be consumable.


explore Search results for 'co2 or Bho' - Future4200

then ponder Thoughts on distillation directly from plant material.


Is that straight from the machine? It says distillate on the COA, I’ve got a 40L, not overly impressed but I might have a few more questions if you don’t mind?
Thank You

We build co2 machines and consult on others

Hello I run two 20L Apeks , they’re great machine’s if you know you perimeters. The real question you should ask your self is what are your end product expectations.

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hey friend! new here, impressive resume… i am wondering if you may be able to help me source components for a scC02 system. starting on an experimental basis but finding it quite difficult to source quality components

Whatcha trying to run?

Truth. So expensive to produce inferior products. @NewAtThis Go for it if you want, we aren’t gonna compete with you.