CMEP OL pump repair near Vancouver BC?

Anyone have a good place to get a CMEP OL pump repaired on The West Coast?

Are you trying to ship it ? There actually pretty easy to do yourself if you know the few tricks and the bearings you can get off ebay for 20-30$

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Not sure about the “tricks” per se, but I did watch Ecogeen’s YouTube do-it-yourself video and followed it to the letter with not much positive results. It turns for about a second and then stalls right away, something a little out of my wheelhouse I’m afraid and I’m not in a position to spend much time fixing or being down from production.
Was thinking it could use some PTFE grease, but that’s all my brain can manage to come up with after trying the maintenance recommended in their video.

Theres just a few tricks to get the case open and to get the bearings out of the piston ring or whatever. I know the giy who use to rebuild all the stuff for Xtractor depot he does a great job if your trying to ship it, hes in so cal. Its more than likely the bearing inside if it wont spin even when off, and the eco green video doeant show you how to do that