CLS shocking me?

Recently while my recovery pumps are on my CLS seems to have a slight electrical charge. When I touch my recovery tank or other parts of the system it give me a mild shock. Does anyone know the reason this is happening?

Sounds like your recovery pumps are bad and also sounds very dangerous explosions are a real thing and not something to take litely esp with a cls as it is a pressurized vessell that will actualy explode and sling shrapnel all over vs open blasting that will just ignite and burn shit down be careful man


The pumps are fairly new, have only been used since January. Any other thoughts?

Check your system grounds.

This a serious issue, static discharges can cause explosions.


That sounds like a serious grounding issue! Please do not run anything else until you diagnose it! That is an imminent bad accident waiting to happen that you can avoid.


Ok, so sure enough one of my recovery pumps did shit the bed and seemed to be causing the issue. Running my other pump solo didn’t seem to produce the charge on my system. Guess I’m back to a slow recovery. Thanks for the speedy responses and concerns! Safety first!


Ground your machine this can happen from immersion circulator or a pump. Static discharge is very serious and is the one of the most dangerous things about running a cls. Get a grounding rod stick it in the dirt and clamp it from the rod to parts of your machine. I.e. rack or machine , recovery tank and any steel prep tables. We’re required to do this on our extractor at the lab I work at which is a type 7 in California.


Don’t use it until you diagnose this issue.

How to resolve this problem… Passive.


If u bleed out the gas from the pump after you use it it will make them last longer leaving tane inside eats away at seals and bearings.


I had this happen back in 2014 my first run ever. Ditched the pump and all was good


Was scary as hell tho, the machine would literally zap you

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Immersion heater in water can cause this…you must have a grounding rod with a copper wire attached to heating element and use distilled water as it contains 0 PPM i.e. no electric conductivity

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But if this advice doesn’t make sense to you then go passive or hire an experienced electrician


It is an issue where somewhere a neutral is trying to act as ground . . . could be a sub panel issue or improperly grounded appliance (pump, heater, etc)

Here is a great video that explains how issues like this can arise