CLS hydrocarbon extraction of kief tips


Does anyone have tip on SOP to load, process large amounts of kief using a cls?


What kind of cls are you running, what kind of results are you hopeing to acheive?

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The points Soxhlet brings up are critical inorder to provide the best guidance. There are a few ways to skin this cat.
From my experience, I have had good results mixing kief into some sort of solid particulate to ensure flow. Glass beads, perlite, flash silica etc. I prefer to do this in a bi-flow capable system. Kief is often dirty, and you can expect a large amount of particulate to need be filtered out.

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Your trying to run just straight kief? I would add about 25-50% of the weight of the material in your column is how I do it .


I’m running a 36" x 3" column, then thru a 36"jacketed de-waxing column (filled with s/s wool pads) then recovery of tane solvent thru a 3x24 column ( zeolite).Jacketed recovery pot, =<95 degree.

We are ultimately looking to make thc oil suitable for cartridges

Sop is ethonal winterization, filter in Hochstrum. Rotovap. Vac oven residuals. Add Terps/liqudizer.

On personal note I’m ultimately trying to find a cure for my 16 year old with chronic migraines. The $800k neural stimulator does not work. Cannibus is the only thing that provides releif.

I love this app/sight and am so happy there are others as dedicated to this industry.


I’m a migraine sufferer for the past 20 yrs. Prescribed immitrex. I use cbd isolate (vaped with a bit of distillate). It takes the migraine away, but 30 mi s later it’s back. Then I repeat as needed.


Is your system active or passive, if so how much solvent is 1 injection?

It’s an active system, recovery pump. , I typically have a “soak weight” of 6 lbs. According to my log book.

good news, your column load wont be dictated by your solvent capacity. try loading the column with stainless ball berings and keif that should help disperce the solvent. If your bering metal is a low grade stainless they may be magnetic, you can use a magnet to agitate the inside of the column. Your filtration will need to be staged as to not clog, start with rough papers and finish with fine filter papers.


The easiest way to do this and still maintain any kind of a proper flow rate is to use something to help space it out, as the extremely fine dust can become caked solid and block the flow rate.

Mixing it in with regular flower / trim / fan leaf biomass is a good way to space it out, add some sponginess, and keep your flow rate open.


Stainless steel Brillo scrubbies

I’ve simply mixed kief back in with trim.

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I was thinking of do the same thing but it seemed so counter productive :man_facepalming:t2:

Try cbd inhaler specifically formulated for migraines. Gets the cbd into the lungs for fast relief without the negatives of hot smoke or vapor

By the way, I’m not a sales rep… stuff works if she/he breaths in deep