CLS Dewaxing Questions

Hello all, while searching this forum and reading other topics where dewaxing was talked about. I never saw an answer for this. Around how much isopropyl, denatured ethanol, acetone, (whatever fluid you’re using) and dry ice do you use per run. I understand it’s system dependent so all replies with your system capacity would be helpful. Unsure exact amount of isopropyl and dry ice I should purchase. (I’m running a 5lb in line open dewaxing column 8x32)

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You could utilize the principles of basic mathematics. Get the diameter of the sleeve, calculate the volume of the cylinder. Then take the outside diameter of the tube. Again find the volume. Then subtract if from the sleeve volume. You then have the volume capacity of the dewaxing sleeve for your liquid. Just keep in mind when adding dry ice to the solution, especially when warm. It will boil violently and create lots of bubbles.
Hope that helps.


Fill your sleeve with water then drain the water into a vessel or vessels with a known volume like milk jugs. :recycle: You won’t need that volume of alcohol during extraction because the dry ice takes up space too, so you’ll have a little extra for cleaning around your work space.