Cls bho with ethanol in collection pot


When I first started messing around with A cos I bought a tamissium and part of one of the manufacturers sop’s called for a cosolvent, either in the collection pot or in the solvent tank. Has anyone tried this? I’m thinking about sizing a jacketed collection vessel large enough to account for the butane volume and the proper ethanol dilution volume for the expected hash yield. For ex: if you ran 2700g of butane through a pound of dried material that yielded 10% or 44g therefore needing roughly 440ml of ethanol. If I’m doing the math right you need about 5600ml of space for the butane (to not exceed 80%) and another roughly 500ml for the ethanol. Does that seem right? My hope was that you could chill the vessel and ethanol after extraction to start winterization.


You can always add after. upon recovery the collection tank is going to be in warm water. Regardless your gonna have to take it out of the warm water to place it in the cold cooler for your winterization. Why cant you just add in between this step.

I know the SOP your referring to. Personally i think adding a cosolvent would essentially contaminating your gas with water. Even using 99.5 anhydrous…your gonna pick up moisture from your concentrates. I guess the sieve would help but it would also help removing the cosolvent as well.

Dont really know…personally the less chances for contaimation the better IMO.


My thinking was that you could do your initial freezing of the solution right in the collection vessel and then pressurize the vessel to push the crude/alcohol through a filter media instead of transferring to another vessel before chilling and using vacuum and a Holchstrum. I was thinking this combined with the c.r.c. tech would allow for a pretty seamless crude prep for distillation.