Cloudy syringes

Greetings I had a problem where my distillate syringes were clouding up on me . Most of them clouded up over night I haven’t had this happen before anyone have any ideas on what it could be? I use non cannabis terps mixed in . Could there be some type of contamination to the terpenes ? Like moisture?

Thanks y’all

What all is in the syringe?

Kinda looks like pg or vg seperation.

I just made a few darts for a client last night.

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It’s a mixture of terpenes some are which are fruit flavored do you think that these are actually terpenes or are they flavors ? I wish I was able to send it to the lab for testing… I also use true terpenes dilutant but I am in the process of trying out other brands dilutant to find a better source of known origin. Just going with what had been working so far. I’ve made these syringes before and haven’t had any problems like this so it makes me feel like it’s the flavor added or dilutant or both .I am almost certain it’s not the distillate …

Post your components. And links to the site you got them from…

Problem #1. It’s not just a meme, this diluent sucks. Where did you get the terps from? How about the flavors?


Ahhh theres your first major issue. Your using TT dilutent, better known as veg and mineral oil.


Ok looks like I’ll conduct some experiments

I have real terpenes CO2 extracted. Very excellent quality. They range in color from very light yellow to darker but the color does not correlate with the quality some of the best batches were actually a little dark

The sunshine four in the Clementine extracts were amazing


Pretty sure I found out what tt diluent is with my experiments 95% sure it’s a synthetic squalene derived from plants it’s an unstable substance which leads me to believe this is why they put not for cbd isolate on the label