Cloudy distillate is it fats?

Ok I process distillate everyday from ethanol extraction (currently warm with a winterization step) I terp strip on a short path and then distill on a 2” Pope generally no issues and 90%+. We had another processor bring oil they didn’t like to have it distilled they process BHO it was mostly apple sauce like consistency I asked if they extracted cold to know if I needed to winterise and they said it was done cold (I wish I had asked at what temp). My question is, is this cloudy due to fats and waxes or a bad terp separation? It has no smell cold or warm and when warm looks clear with no swirling but as it gets cold the top develops like a skin and eventually it all goes cloudy.

It looks like fats to me. Even with cold extraction butane just wants to grab fats and most people aren’t setup to control temps for the whole run.


This is when you test it yourself in a diluted solvent test


Looks like fats.

Heat a gram up. If it gets less cloudy with heat it’s fats and need to be re winterized and rotoed and distilled


Looks like fats to me. In my experience even cold extracted tane needs to be winterized before distillation.


100% fats. Needs to be winterized.


Thanks y’all it definitely gets clear when warm, I’ll let them know and decide if they want it redone or if it’s off the make edibles lol I was thinking it was most likely waxes but wanted to be sure as I haven’t seen it before. Lol they said yes we winterized we put it in a pot and heated it lmao so they really had no idea what I was asking when they brought it. Oh well now they wait longer.