Cloudy distillate help!

Hey how are you! So recently did a run and added some bleaching clay to the mantel and turned the stir bar in too quick causing the clay to poof all inside the glass, stopped the run cleaned the glass (we thought well enough) and continued the run. The first 75% of distillate that came over was cloudy but by the time the tails hit, the tails were perfectly clear and fine, while the first 75% is very cloudy.

Next day re ran all of the distillate in hopes to re superset the clay and to clear up the distillate, after the run same results. Same about was cloudy, tails clear.

Curious on how to remove this cloudy haze in the jar so that we can use this oil, and curious on the science of how re rerunning the material didn’t make that 75% any less cloudy? Once clay bumps over like that is it too late to fix the cloudy distillate? Thanks
Can supple photos to anyone who wants to see what this looos like. Uploading: 22BF306D-DB79-4612-BE0D-0B28F8D723BE.jpeg… Uploading: 6F51E168-B2BC-4BE3-893F-0ADE580E17CB.jpeg…

Chances are it wasnt dewaxed good enough. It usually doesnt tuen cloudy until it cools, take a few grams and dissolve in etho and youll know with in a few mins if thats the problem

Ok thank you! Tomorrow morning will try. Now if that is the problem, is there a way to easily fix it? Can I dissolve in eth, filter through a slow filter, then roto vap? Will this be turned back into distillate after the roto vap? Or so I have to re run it

You’ll need to put that diluted luqour in your cryo to see if have any fats in there.

Trying this now. Waiting for it to chill down. Will update tonight. So just chill, filter one more time with slow paper, then roto vap back down?

have you read up on winterization?

yes, once you have removed the solvent, you will be back to “distillate”.
hopefully sans fats/waxes and now non-cloudy.