Closed loop parts for a still?


So I had a thought about an hour ago

I have two6×6 bases I could turn one into a still and the other into a pressure recovery vessel. It would essentially closed loop reduce the oils in a “still” style recovery + if I still it down in the spllater platter and recover the alcohol in the regualr base I’ll be able to just pour/scrape the splatter platter.

Here’s how i would do it i would have the splatter platter base on a 175°F burner and have the top 1.5" triclamp openeing sealed off with a triclamp cover. It would boil and go thru a stainless hose on the recovery port. The vapors would condense back into alcohol thru the dewaxing column and go thru another braided teflon hose into another 6×6 base (recovery). There would be a vacuum applied on the 6×6 recovery base.

Should i do this? Would it be better to directly add the dewaxing column to the 6×6 base i plan to use as a recovery vessel?

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i’ve used a filter plate and material column on a recovery pot as a buchner but i’ve never done this, interesting i hope someone gives the info it seems like this should work.



Was thinking of using one of these



I’m doing a d.e. and a.c. scrub thru my closed loop right now. So far its been filtering for a day i have d.e. on top of a 5 micron filter. I’ve been using the positive pressure side of my diaphragm pump to pump it thru. It’s clear af. It might take another day



How are you removing the heat that you’re adding? (Chilling dewaxer ?!?)

Evaporating etoh takes more heat than hydrocarbons. You have to remove it, or you’re describing a bomb.

I have used a PX1 for etoh extraction and recovery.



Wouldn’t the vacuum being pulled on the recovery side of the recovery vessel (6×6 base) take care of that? Maybe a freezing coil in between the dewaxer.



Vacuum will presumably alleviate pressure build up, but it won’t help you turn ethanol vapor into liquid. It reduces the boiling point, meaning your condenser needs to be colder than it would otherwise need to be. If you don’t remove the heat, your solvent will remain a gas through your pump.

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My idea involves having the dewaxer on a high pressure stand seperate from the 6×6 base that wpuld be on heat. The alcohol vapors would go thru a hose attached to the 6×6 base with a splatter platter (heated @ 175°F) thru the dewaxer thru another hose into a 6×6 recovery base. The recovery base wpuld have a vacuum being pulled.

Theoretically, the alcohol should condense thru the dewaxer as a vertical condenser, thru the hose into the 6×6 base used as a recovery vessel.



if you chill your dewaxer appropriately, or limit the heat input

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your dewaxer condenser will perform poorly.




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Surface area.

Get a (shot)gun

It’s set up for actually removing the heat too…unlike a sleeved dewaxer



evaporator pot > shotgun condenser with tap water > liquid collection
use as large of connection as you can (1.5 hardpipe). pull vac to a depth where your collection vessel is not boiling (or chill collection as well)



Wouldn’t work? Just double checking.



Not optimal, but will work to some degree. Might be great for what you need. If you’ve got the parts, build it.

You might have to dial the heat down. Depends how many ergs you throw at it.