Closed loop extractors


Hi I was wondering if anyone had any interest in closed loop extractors. I have two perfectly brand new 2lb closed loops with jacketed columns and collections if anyone is interested. I can also order 10-30lb systems for anyone for a pretty darn good price. Let me know thanks

Looking for CLS Hydrocarbon extractor ASAP

What the price on a 30lb


Message me prices on all available equipment


Do you have 10lb closed loop. email me with details on


Hello - would like to talk about the 2lb CL systems. Pricing and inclusions, please?


10lb closed loop extractor…


Okay - may I please have all of the relevant information, inclusions, and ask-price, please? Do you have a website?


i will like to purchase this item do you have it available and what are you asking for it


Im looking for a list of parts i can buy to build my own. Can I find it on, the site


Would also like more info on 10lbs and up extractors with pricing, possible?

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you still in need of the 10lb closed loop extractor


Interested in 2lb closed-loop extractor system if you still have it. Please list all pertinent information including specs, parts list, price, etc… Thanks.



I’d be interested in the 2lb closed loop with jacketed column. Idk how to dm yet, super new here. Hmu!