Clones/ teens available in Nor Cal

We have an excess of rooted clones and teens in nothern california. Holy Grail Kush, Sundae Driver, Sour Patch Kids, blue zkittles, wedding cake.

Healthy, clean, PM and pest free, the Teens are in 1 gal nursery pots, already hardened off and in full sun.

Hit the DM

Still have teens?

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You have INs available?

What’s the price?

Hey do you still have any clones available?

GTM got good genetics of seeds, clones and teens. They’ve got quality flowers, extracts etc. I’ve been dealing with them since 2018. I highly recommend them to anyone looking.

Whatsapp: +1 213-290-1004
Signal: +1 213-290-1004
@jimbradGTM on TELEGRAM

Are they charging $300 each like Fox News claims these guys were?