Clones available

Hoping this is ok for this site

If anyone in commuting distance to southern oregon needs THC starter plants / clones
please goto

Strains and quantities

We can supply almost any order!


Are you mailing any?


What’s your average cost per cut? You have a couple Im really interested in…(Specifically the blueberry muffin and the jager)

And I’m with @Cloner, you able to mail?


I have a very nice choice cut Blueberry Muffin for you.


hmm i was thinking the same… hansel is always an ass to me when he isnt eating assholes but I was gonnna point him to you but he has hidden asshole. I got bluberry muffin in one day from… and if usps fucks it all up he makes it right.

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Umm ok. Love you too thumper.


Thanks again @Cloner!


im sorry for getting off topic, I dont live local to oregon. That blue muffin on your site looks sick. Im not even expecting it to be that purple but it would be cool. Only strain ive had that purple was plushberry. Your mimosa is nothing like mine, your looks to lean to purple punch side.

Sun grown genetics—blue dragon bx , is also extremely purple. I have some pics shared in my last seasons grow thread if ya wanna go take a look!

me personally, im not into berries or purps. I need some sativa to wake me up. I think I got 3 purple bud clones now though. I get all kinda purple leaves but the purple buds are usually berry/fruit flavored.

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Have a good night!

no mailing

Ahhh bummer


Hey, I’m in commuting distance for a good a deal, what your higher yielder and hight thc testing genetic? Also have pic of the clones?

KillerGrape can have some seriously darkkkkk purple phenos to her especially OD in colder temps during flower. Had a friend that had 6 different phenos up & 3 different profiles from sweet Rozay to pungent sour grape & a gassy sweet pheno too. But when I say dark I mean it was almost black.

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Put in an order today. Anyone Actually get any clones from rogue nursery and any reviews

oops off topic.

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Definitely trying to make a name for ourselves.
This is our first year going big on the starts so we are here to gain everyones confidence.
I’ll definitely be stoked for anyone to review us if we do business…

Sorry for not getting back to everyone elses replies. I just dont have the time but if your serious about an order hit us up.

bbm is the shit. havent smoked it yet but its loud and frosty and gonna be dense.

It’s a very choice cut! If you ever decide to share pictures, show us that one!


Aren’t you quite the comedian tonight.