Cleaning the Panda

What is the best way to clean this thing?

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Maintaining the cleanliness is definitely the key. Aside from that, iso and paper-towels works well.


I’ve used iso and a squirt bottle. Run it up to speed with the top open. Squirt theiso down into the drum and then pour iso into the back hole hinges for the lid so that the iso hits the spinning drum and disperses. This gets it about 80% clean. I figure if it sits for longer than a few weeks I’ll busy it apart and get in the nooks and crannies. I’ve already had it apart twice to rebuild the spout after breaking it.


I basically do the same thing but with ethanol instead. After several passes with a spray bottle and towels I pour 1-2L of ethanol into the drum and let it spin out. I then collect all this and add it to my washout bucket to process later. Seems to stay relatively clean. Like squar_root_pharms said 80, maybe 90% there. Between batches I will take the basket out and clean the shell and really get the basket clean.


What is the trick to getting the basket out? I’ve removed the center nut and washer but still couldn’t get the basket out


I got a panda a few days ago, but haven’t used it yet.

I did a water rinse, and there was definitely some type of oil film on the water. I used a little bit of detergent in water, then rinsed a bunch.

There was also a glob of adhesive on the spout.

It came off easily. It put it in a jar with ethanol for 24 hrs, and nothing happened. Had the same weight before and after.

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Did you guys have to modify the panda to run ethanol or does does it work with ethanol right out of the box?


it works out of the box, just dont let the fire marshall see it. only modification I made was adding a tube to the outlet spout, makes it alot “safer”

oh and you need filter bags for it, the first one i bought i made the mistake of just putting the herb in there unbagged, the tiny particulates ended up gumming up space between the rotating drum and shell. the unit ended up torquing its self to pieces after it clogged it enough to jam it, sent it back to amazon after pouring out a few lbs of hemp particles. Lesson learned lmao


Would 190 micron or 220 micron bubble bag work?


i run a 220 bubble bag for it


I sprayed and dumped about 1g of 99% iso to clean her out, then 1/2 ga of some “terp shine” aka recovered etoh. I didnt notice any oils or bits in the draining of it.

Avout to cut 1 of mine now so it fits the bag better.

160iu full mesh bag inside. Sometimes I’ll stuff 2 bags in there.


What about dipping copper wool in ethanol and scraping your system then running with ethanol then hydrogen peroxide then warm water. And then spray it out with a hose to get any remaining copper wool.


i have no doubt that would get it perfectly clean!!!

What if you put a panda spinner to a lenticular filter

What’s the trick to removing the inner steel bucket? Tried to get that bolt off that’s right in the middle of the bucket so that I could replace the spout but no luck.

Any spoon on the basket removel? Hurts my ocd not to remove it to clean. Dont wanna remove the center bolt if that only leads to putting it back on lol

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