Cleaning extraction Equipment

Heloo, i just reed it and i would like to ask abouth the hemp extraction , how do you wash your sistem after the extraction , only with ethanol or ? Tnx in front

Moved your post, because it has zero to do with becoming a verified hemp slanger.

How one cleans depends on what one is cleaning. There are many many ways of extracting hemp. One might read between the lines of your post and assume you are using ethanol as your primary extraction process, but we can’t tell what you’re looking to clean.

A couple of buckets? Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)

The crud in your boiling flask post distillation?

Be more specific with your questions and provide the relevant details and you will get to your answer faster.

Use the search feature. Ask of “cleaning”. “Clean in place” and “CIP”.

What are you trying to to remove during this cleaning process? When are you performing it?

Each run? Each day? Each batch?

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Glassware we throw in a sonicator. If it still doesn’t get clean, we trash it. It’s the cost of doing business.


Keylajet works well for CIP.

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