Cleaning a homemade syringe gun


If you’ve seen my post history, you’d know I made my own cart gun(imo I spent less to make it myself and now Ik how to make it properly so I can spend even less future wise) and so far just ran into low power issues.

When I get it working and start using it to fill consistently, how should I go about cleaning it? I was thinking cleaning in between batches, like after each strain batch clean it so no flavors cross-contaminate ruining the original flavor, or cleaning after my entire batch is done however that would leave quite a few carts tasting like a mix instead of uniform.

I was thinking the first option, after each batch strain, example: fill 120 carts of Merlot then clean with 91% iso, pull into the syringe 2-3x and shake and push out, on last iso pull let soak for 1 minute exactly then push out and pull in distilled water 3-4x to rinse out the iso, then let it sit and dry while capping/topping off filled carts. After done with that, it should be dry, but if not push out over and over until dry and prep for next batch then rinse and repeat.

Is this a good way? Or what ways would anyone here with more experience in cart guns use?

Post some pics of your filler. I would say as far as in-between batches, dont use solvent, just sacrifice the first few mls into a junk jar. flavor contamination is better than solvent contamination


Ahh I see. I thought the distilled water would wash out all of best it can.

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flavor contamination is also better than water contamination :call_me_hand:


That’s what I was wondering about too is the water, how would I dry it when I do need to clean it

My first batch I cleaned in between strains 99% iso using graduated cylinder cleaner then > 2 flushes 1 with dawn 1 plain water. set on fan gets rid of water really fast this worked great for me just dont let gun parts soak be quick with the iso. clean carts or something while it dries.

My 2nd batch I got daring emptied cart gun as thorough as possible changed tip in between scraped/cleaned plunger started new strain emptied first gram in spare jar got no flavor contamination yet with this method. Saved on iso and time I feel.

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Fill the junk mix into a cart and give it away have your batches make 101 or sell the mixy at cost to someone


You should use ethanol instead of isopropyl ideally


Just fill with next flavor, I keep a komakazi jar of blended flavors :yum: some times the blends are bomb.


Yeah I didn’t feel it was a loss if your flavors are good it will be good and maybe even better…


Thats what I think but i wanna keep the specific strain ones to the packaging/original strain and any mix for myself or for my friends that help me w shit

Probably gonna do a clean in between batches at first see how it goes.

@pdxcanna also why ethanol

What is the plunger material made out of on that?

Is it rated for terps? That looks like rubber?

You might wanna look into replacing it.

Edit: I bought one of those syringes to play with, and that’s why I asked, I was pretty sure it was a rubber plunger.

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I worried about it too trust me lol but I already have it made/bought. Would it be ok for a first run use see how it works? Then buy a new one

Silicone and rubber are vastly different as well yes?
Cause it could be silicone

You can buy buna sheets and make your own plunger.

I looked into it all, but got bored and moved on.


That’ll be hard

Yeah, but limonene eats rubber

Look up some chemical compatibility charts, you’ll see it’s not recommended.

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That’s also just the plunger too, there’s other seals you have in there and I have no idea what they’re made of.

Tbh, this is why I quit tinkering now that I remember, I determined if I wanted a filler, to be sure of compatibility and all that jazz, I’d buy a cart farmer.


I see. I’ll look into better syringe guns, all metal if anything or With G6 silicone if I remember that name correctly.

I’ll look more


This thing looks crazy man



Don’t worry, I’m wrapping it in tinfoil

I’m not THAT much of a mad lad to not wrap it in something

Thinking I should make my own cart filler brand, Capitalism’s 420 Guns™️ (Patent pending)

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