Cleaner crystals


I know this has been a while but I’m trying to understand, am I worried about the fumes or the actual hexane residuals in the product? Thank buddy


@StoneD chronic exposure to the fumes is not good and some of the health effects can be cumulative. There is a lower risk of residual solvent in the crystals but it is entirely possible. It would be wise to test the final product for residual solvents to be safe. That kind of quality assurance is really just the ethical thing to do if you are selling your product to others.

@Future are you saying that washing is the only way to high purity? I would thing that a proper recrystallization would lead to a very high purity anyway, no?


I have a solution that contains a layer of fats and crap just above the thca. I didn’t dewax. So now i want to wash the fats out as quickly and gently as possible. I don’t care about crystal size, or crystals at all for that matter…I only wish to stay under decarb temps.

What do you guys think is going to be the quickest and most gentle solvent simply for removing the impurities?

Water or saline


Ethol will retain most your goodies and easiest to work in my opinion, and I don’t add heat , just freeze the b.funnel w water vac… Do couple passes refreezing everytime, start with whatman fast paper then another pass on the fast, then about 2 on the slow paper and you could be cleaned of fats and wax


I am interested in trying this. Could you share more about how long you let crystallize and how was it stored during the process.


Have you tried dry ice chilled limonene?


Hlpc for all pentane extraction or just the crystal wash?


Ud need to consult w someone else on that…

I use dry ice chilled etoh… Never bought the pentane… But it’s supposed to be way better for the job if u have acces


I have asked someone else about it, they said reagent is ok, but i really dont know.


Ask @Soxhlet

I could swore he said he wouldn’t use without distillation first bc hplc was to expensive…

But he also said to just get ever clear 190
That’s what I ended up doing bc was scared anything else


It all depends on what is in your solvent, and what it was packaged in. I have bought chemicals in the past that were not packaged well, where the container showed physical degredation. If you buy something that you don’t trust, you will need to refine it before use.
Any contaminates from the manufacture, or handling of chemicals can and will end up in your final product.
With chemicals like hexanes you need to watch out for benzene, and other junk.
Always request the MSDS and chemical analysis when buying.


My advice would be cold crash, pour off mother liquid, quick clean with dry ice chilled pentane. Then dissolve into warm clean hplc pentane 2:1 pentane:oleoresin. And allow a slow recrystallization. This will give you nice looking thca diamonds with minimal contamination. To further clean all pesticides and contaminants use magsil pr with liquid chromatography 1:1 magsil:oleoresin.


@Otscc an u give some detail about ur tek u say redisolve in pentane mix any ratio? Will strait pentane work as well as your mix? You say slow evap rate do I cold crash the jar then put back in oven or miner? If so how long does it take? @hambread using 1 to 3 crude to he and how long did re crystallize take and did you cold crash and put back to heat any pics on end result?


What are you using to “melt” then regrow into bigger ones. I have more rhan a dew liters of already very small diamonds in rhere im gonna start to wash out the junk but would like to be able to just grow some bigger ones. Its sauce that was done right just not upto there standards


The same thing you used the first time… Just do it right this time :wink: jk but yeah, you may have to add tane back to jar a few times to get her broken back down

Pentane will work but much harder to purge


I didnt have anything to do with rhe extraction im only going off what i was told. So adding ntane to redisolve


Is pentane safe for shirt term storage in plastic. I was plannin in using my -90c immedsion chiller to bring it down to bery cold temp but the coil feom the chiller wont fit into the opening of the metal pentane container?


Never used it but for one other kind of extraction and it not this so idk…

Never used anything but glass


Depends on the specific plastic but as a general rule you want to keep alkanes away from plastics.


Im trying ro take millions of riny diamonds and wash in pentane and then hopefully be able to take thise and in room temp owntane brow bigger diamonds. Any suggestions or tips would greatly be appreciated