Classifieds on Front Page

I changed the settings to hide the classified section from the front page because I was tired of half of the posts being WTB/WTS CBD…

Do you like it better this way?

  • Yes
  • No

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Omg yes, something had to be done!

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Needed to be done. Thank you.

Yes but i would make another section about it. Definitely where a lot of your traffic goes.

these pesky brokers keep making posts everywhere but where they are supposed to! We need some sort of enforcement here, simply moving posts every day and re-warning them dosent seem to be working.

I am open for suggestions. General consensus between @Future future and I is to make people who are selling ((used)) equipment follow a strict template. Anyone else will need to pass a verification (submit samples, lab tests, etc) to post an ad of any kind.


Are all these cbd ad’s verifyed with coa’s ?
If not, perhaps there should be a banner that covers the new ad, that explains that the ad will activate once the coa has landed. On a side note, was chineese cbd not supposed to be sold in ca markets? I heard something about that.

Needs to be done but how do u access other classifieds now

, I just made a REAL actual post and can’t find it

I think it would be really beneficial to separate the ‘Hemp biomass/isolate’, etc classifieds from the ‘equipment’ classifieds. Any way that can be done?

Also curious about ability to delete older classifieds… any reason why permission isn’t automatically granted for that?

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agree 100% @sidco can we make this happen?

Will do. Think the hemp classifieds should be a sub under the Classifieds or the Hempire?

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Nevermind, hemp classifieds go here:

And only verified slangers can post there.

I have also restructured the classifieds,
Equipment sales go here:
Verified License Holders (VLH) can post here:

I’m of the opinion that people can openly request THC products, but the advertisement of those products for sale by anyone without a VLH tag shouldn’t be allowed. We need to confirm with @sidco on that


good deal! sounds like a good way to root out the spam sales we all hate.


how do you post in classifieds ?