Clarification on all External Rewards for MoM

I’m currently seeking clarification on exactly whom (outside of what’s offered by the forum itself) is offering what for people that are getting voted MoM? At one point there was media that offered, and other offers.

Well, being the guy that’s running it I have no idea to the answer to that question, and I don’t like that. That being said, ANYBODY that wishes to make a monthly contribution to the member that WE vote in as our MoM please post on this thread. Please post your exact contribution, and I will enter it into the first post of each thread from here forward. That way it will noted, and we will all know exactly what’s in the pot each month.

I’m not asking that people donate, I’m asking for clarification about things that we’ve all read here and there. I would feel much better being able to give a straight answer to something that I honestly have no answer for. So thank you for the clarification, thank you if you decide to contribute, but mainly stay bitching and fucking vote! We should be breaking 100 votes reach month!


I offered the whole idea for pickle to begin w so having created the idea for first MoM is my biggest contribution

which in all reality I had it confused w new member of the month and said member of the month… dubbed him it before we ever voted!.. and then the snowball started rolling

:green_heart::facepunch:. just glad I put in something in some way or another


All MoM’s get a complimentary lifetime GLG membership :call_me_hand:t3: