Chromatography Equipment For Sale - Biotage Isolera LS - For THC Removal - w/ Warranty


We are a hemp processing lab located in Boulder Colorado. We have two (2) Biotage Isolera LS chromatography machines with 1,850g columns and many small columns. The price of $55,000 is for each unit (we paid $61,000 each). If you buy them both, we will negotiate price. We have run the machines about only 60 times and owned them since November 2018. These are used to remove all THC from hemp crude oil or distillate. Make non-detect THC free distillate!

Both machines are under warranty until November 2019. Brand new 1,850g columns are only $2979 each from Biotage.

BiotageĀ® Isolera LS

BiotageĀ® SNAP Ultra C18 1850g,1/cs

We prefer that you pick up the units in person. We are willing to deliver or ship, however, payment must be cleared first.


Looking at getting one. Buchi is on the list. What is its capacity? How many kilograms per 8 hours or 24 hours?


The capacity of the column is 1,850g, of which you can fill with 5% to 15% distillate per run depending on the material. You should be able to create 1,200g to 2,000g of THC free distillate per day. Most manufacturers will lie and tell you that you can create more, but you have to factor in column load time and column cleaning time, along with the actual column run time.

The support at Biotage is top notch, our rep has personally came into our lab and helped us. Let me know if you are interested in one, or both, of these two machines. They are still for sale.


Are you open to trades? We are a licensed CBD lab, been in business since 2017 in Arvada, CO. LMK.


We are a lab also. Our company name is Honey Gold Processing located in Boulder, CO.

Yes, we are open to barter. Do you have any isolate?

Travis J. Newman
(602) 770-8059


When you say 1,200g to 2,000 grams per day, is that an 8 hour day or 24 hours? I assume 180 grams per run (10% of 1850) takes about an hour to run? Similar to the Buchi? Did you have to dilute your material going into the unit? Buchi recommended 1:1 of Ethanol and material (crude or distillate) to make it flow into the column.


That would be for 24 hours of running. The main problem is that you have to heavily dilute the distillate in order to get the peaks for the THC (to remove it). Any machine is going to be like that. Chromatography is solvent heavy. You are welcome to give me a call if you wish to go over things in more detail. (602) 770-8059 Travis J. Newman