Choosing the best gas in remote area

Hey guys i need help choosong gas in a remote area of mexico and everything is hard to find.
Im looking for tane.
Usualy i use whip it 420ml
I cant find it anymor only ignitus 5x and 7x
That i dont really trust.

I found this other Erka 6.5 kg about 110$

r600a refregirant tank

Is this any good

Its say 100% r600 no added componente

I will need i lot of solvent and canned is just to no really worth it at this point.

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Give us a call or text at 833-787-3427, and we’ll be happy to help you source your gas.

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Even in mexico?

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Don’t buy that.

Wrong cylinder. It’s a fucking bomb waiting to explode.

Those cylinders are made to hold non-flammable low-pressure refrigerants, R134a, R12, R1234 and such. The pressure relief device is a rupture disk. If the pressure in the tank gets too high, it pops and releases the contents. Great for non flammable comments, but…

They are not safe to hold flammable refrigerants / solvents: R600, R600a & R290. These need to be packaged in cylinders with “spring loaded safeties”. Propane cylinders have those kinds of pressure relief.

Even if it’s cheap don’t buy it.


If the gas is refrigerant grade, there’s gonna be nasties in there fyi.

Even if they say not, I’d ask for an sds.

I remember looking at this and they did have odorant added to them typically.

Edit: not sure if you’re talking about just the cylinder or not

Yeah no worries i got helped out i know where to find 20 lb of 99% n butane just waitimg on pricimg to come in.

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But you’re not gonna share with the rest of the class?


I contacted praxair or linde here in mexico i will be posting when i receive the price from.the company.

Then double distill in my lab.
Best option i got for now.

Gas, dry ice , co2 and nitrogen supplier

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