Chocolate using distillate recipe?

I know I can eat distillate raw, but I was trying to find out if it would be more effective to bond it to mct or refined coconut oil to make it more available when digested. If so, then what mct/coconut oil ratio would be best? I’m trying to make chocolates and be accurate with dosing. Not sure how much mct the chocolate would hold its structure. If anyone could give me any advice or a useful link I would greatly appreciate it!

You need an emulsifier mainly


Do you happen to have a good recipe in mind? I could Venmo or PayPal you?

Just get melting chocolate and an emulsifier. Melt chocolate and melt disty.
Mix then Emulsify. Pour into molds. Calculate dose


dab er in mix er up… and seeeennnd iitttt. just send it.21zug7


When I make edibles, about 5x dozen a month, I use distillate now (previously used rso or etoh crude) I would do a double boiler setup, top metal bowl has my required oil or butter measured out, add extract (decarbd), mix, mix, mix, mix, never heat past 140f. Do this for 20 mins. Let cool. Add the ingredients, and pop in oven

Never a complaint in 8 yrs.

Minus the do ya have any more blueberry streusel muffins left (my hottest seller).


Do you guys temper your chocolate?


Yes, try the silk method its the easiest way for larger amounts if you don’t have a machine (altho it still requires a sous vide machine… But some places sell the silk butter)
Check out ‘the chocolate alchemist’ on youtube or his site, he’s great


What exactly do you mean by the silk method could you elaborate?

You could take the decarbed oil and or disty and just double boil it and whip it like crazy into pieces of a chocolate bar and then you can put that infused chocolate into a mold and then eat it. Better with disty than rso ime and imo.

add salt to your disty before mixing it into chocolate, helps when you dont want to thin down the disy

don’t add salt to your chocolate. if you are making chocolate, use a solid fat for infusing and use as little as possible . use an emulsifier like sunflower lecithin.

if you want to skip the pain of tempering chocolate, find yourself some compound chocolate.
Walmart carries it over in the craft/celebrations section, or find a candy supply store near you. the Walmart kinds are adequate, I prefer the better stuff my candy supply store carries :person_shrugging:

also, don’t use standard chocolate chips, they have added stabilizers so that the chips can survive the oven etc.


Infuse coco butter… use that to infuse your chocolate…

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Make up a bulk tincture - 10:1 distillate in MCT works well - heat both first in water bath or similar so the distillate is nice and runny, then mix.
I often just make up a bottle: 500ml MCT plus 50ml distillate (you need to take some MCT out first so it all fits).
Chocolate making is a bit of an art so an expert in that might be able to suggest the best way to blend in the MCT to your chocolate.
Ideally machine blending but I presume this needs to happen at a certain temp during the chocolate making process.
MillerliteRN’s comment to infuse the coco butter sounds right - use the bulk tincture to infuse the Coco butter.
I believe the MCT is just a fractionated liquid coco butter anyway so it should blend perfectly easily.

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MCT is coconut… not coco butter… big difference… especially when your adding these two into chocolate… big difference

Of course! Yes thanks for reminding me!

You will get reasonable results from using a double boiler, melting a high quality chocolate in it, and whipping in your concentrate thoroughly.

If you know your distillate concentration, you can hit your dosing dead on using c1v1=c2v2 calculations. It’s a useful calculations for lots of things cannabis and it is well explained on many you tube channels.

Adding Lecithin will help with emulsification/bioavailability.

Tempering chocolate will help your texture and gloss, but it’s not vital. Chocolate making is an art in and of itself, and I’d do a couple non infused runs to get dialed in before you went for it.

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