Chinese media bottles

Considering placing a substantial order for 1000mL wide mouth media bottles. Wanted to gauge interest if anyone wanted to get involved.

What are they priced per bottle on a unit?

Get as much as you can. China takes forever now.

With shipping, its a couple dollars a bottle assuming none break and everything comes in correctly. Depending on volume of the order we probably getting bottles at 50-60% discount


For sure interested MOQ? And know quantity for a big price break?

Also interested as well

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Tell me about the cap


GL80. Cap color can is up to us. Was planning on getting extra caps too just in case.

Do you have any specific requests?

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Hoping to set MOQ at a pallet which i believe is just shy of 500 bottles

Ask for a sample and make sure they aren’t the super thin walls that pop like a balloon.

If they aren’t I’d take some as well

What’s worse than china glass?

Being bait and switched with a china company that went even lower and resold india glass!!!

Beware and proceed with caution.

Can’t they ship to Canada then the state to dramatically lower time and cost? That’s how a few friends gets equipment from them (china)

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I just got an order for 600 customer service was really good. Went with the company Yancheng Xinboyuan Glass Co., Ltd. They owe me a few boxes because of broken ones.


I’m interested

Those will of coarse only be replaced when you place your NEXT order…


Already been ordered from multiple vendors. Of course no guarantee they dont bait and switch

The China mantels you used to sell???


I was going to say the way he treats Chinese people in general.

but thats a good one too!


I’m all eyes/ears to making shit faster and cheaper…

I like people of all cultures. I don’t like fraudulent and malicious chineese business people.

The same thing could be said of american business people. Even canadian weasels eh