Chilling Hydrocarbons

Hey y’all,

I am getting close to finishing build-out on a hydrocarbon extraction lab and am trying to decide the best way to chill 100 lb tanks.

Wrapping with chiller coils seems inefficient, the other thought I had was a stand up cryo freezer. Doesn’t seem to be any specific (that i have found yet) equipment for the tasks.

Any thoughts?



Jacketed tank with a nice chiller?


Not sure storage of cylinders in freezers is legal. Maybe if you charge a system solvent tank and stick it in a walk in and never let your fire Marshall in that room when not in use and while in use do what you’d normally do to chill, be it injection could or chillers.


lol, trying to stay to code without having to mortgage the building.

It’s pretty ridiculous that this is proving the biggest challenge in the whole buildout.


Can you use injection coils?


Do you mean an internal chilling coil? I’m not familiar with that terminology.


I leave the valve open to the injection coil also

i can provide you a cooling option i have been doing with some of my clients

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you have the equipment for sale?

yes I have quick access

message me for more info

2 ton 3 injection coils I have heard submerged in dry ice acetone or denatured alcohol. U the positive psi to warm tank to push the solvent through accompanying to u ur material. A nitro push would be perfect for this

Do the same for recovery if no active


so basically leave the tank at room temp and run through chilled coils on the way in?

The system is passive recovery so the reclaim should be very cold already, still waiting on all the details from the manufacturer.


Not gonna work passive without nitrogen

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What if the feed tank is really warm to create positive psi?

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Hes chilling his tank for recovery

so, just spoke with the manufacturer. I dont actually need to do any of this, our Huber will handle both input and recovery.

Losing my mind here as we get deeper into the rabbit hole.


Its nice to take the load off your huber with a water cooled heat exchanger for the 1st stage of your condensing


it definitely is. Fortunately it turns out that is built into the system. We got an overpowered (over the requirements) chiller and the tech just told me it should be able to do both.

If not a smaller chiller for the heat exchanger wont be Huber expensive.

Curious why you say that…lately I’ve been chilling my solvent tank in ice water and feeding passively through two injection coils into a two pound chilled column. The vacuum in the collection, column and coils seems to pull the 16 pounds of 35F butane out of the tank just fine.