Chiller questions for chilling solvent

I know this has been discussed on other thread and might be kind of a Noob question but I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out. Right now I’m using EtOH dry ice condenser coil‘s in order to pre chill solvent and for recovery. Was considering investing in a chiller but wanted people’s opinions on which chillers to look at and if I would be able to replace dry ice completely or maybe just cut down on the amount of dry ice that I have to use and do a combination of circulating chiller plus the dry ice? I have a Bhogart system with three 6 x 48 tubes. Any input would be awesome thanks in advance.

Once your solvent ran treu the coils at what temp is iT then?
At what temp would You like your solvent to be?
If You wAnt to keep chilling your solvent like this You Will Need a chiller with a large enough bath
Or a chest freezer with the desired temps
To store your solvent in
6x48 is a lot of solvent for a avarage chiller

Thanks for the response. Well I’m using about 60 lb of solvent for the three tubes and I want it cold as I can afford to get it for colder solvent during soak and faster recovery times. Sorry I don’t have specific temp numbers.