Chiller ! Pick up at any time!

Item Model/Manufacturer: DLSB-50/30

Price/MSRP: $3***
Current location of item: LA warehouse
Estimated lead time: Ready for pick up
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 1 year

:sparkling_heart:Different models of chillers stock in LA .-30 ℃,-40 ℃,-80℃ and -120℃.
There is must one model can meet your requirement!
Pls DM the chiller you need. High quality and fast delivery can offer !
:point_right:WhatsApp: 0086 13603452828

How many fcscientific accounts are you going to make to sell your shitty equipment and media bottles?

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Well somebody has to supply the shitty media bottles I keep breaking in the microwave…


Could it be a microwave problem?

Nah its definitely the cheap glass

Update the stock in LA warehouse,all accept cash to pick up!
50L Rotavap
50L Dual condensors Rotavap
50L Glass reactor
100L Glass reactor
6KW Heater
9KW Heater
30/30 Chiller
50/80 chiller
40/80 Chiller
300/80 Chiller
200/120 Chiller
50/30 Heater/Chiller
Hash maker(50gallon)

Please check the goods. 40/80 and 300/80 will be packed and shipped to Los Angeles soon. Do you want to choose one of the chiller which is widely loved by customers? Many models are optional and can be customized, regular models are available in Los Angeles, cash payment, pick up at any time.
Chiller DLSB-30/30
Chiller DLSB-50/30
Chiller DLSB-50/80
Chiller DLSB-300/80
Chiller DLSB-200/120
Chiller&heater 50/30
Fast delivery after your order is confirmed! Pls DM the more infomation.

:phone:WhatsApp: +86 13603452828

Anyone looking for -30℃,-40℃,-80℃ chiller?
In stock in LA warehouse!
DM me for best price.
:point_right:Ours is your best choice.
:phone:WhatsApp: +86 13603452828

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Look, our chiller is working. How low do you want it?
:snowflake:-30℃? :snowflake: -40℃? :snowflake:-80℃? :snowflake:-120℃?
:package:FC’s chillers can meet your needs.
In LA warehouse. Welcome you to inquiry.
:phone:WhatsApp: +86 13603452828

Chiller 50/80 will be delivered after factory inspection. Similarly, if you order our products, you can also check the goods in this way.

If you need, DM me +8613603452828