Chiller Manifold ball valves and hose for -70c chiller

Plumbing a cryodax 60 chiller manifold into c1d1 and need 18 1/2" ball valves and hose to connect to extractor and tanks. I am finding very few options on valves and hose rated for -70c which is the lowest temp the chiller goes. Any info on what others are using for this would be most appreciated .

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@Cali-type7 Just wanted to see if you or anyone made any headway on finding hoses rated for -60 or colder. I got a quote from huber for $2180 for ONE 300cm hose before shipping. Detroit flex makes the hoses but I havent been able to get them on the phone and am unsure if they make them with the type of fittings that I need. The unistat has m30 connection fittings so I’d have to have something that can connect to those I think they make npt to m30 adapters. What is everyone else using on there -70 chillers?

Sent you a DM. What is the host fitting size in M type? I have -100 to +150 with M3/4 and M1 1/4

I can have Across International help you out maybe as well.

You can get M30 adapters to common NPT sizes. Don’t forget to brush a marine grade anti seize all over the threads, those M30 connections are a real cocksucker to deal with when they gall, ask me how I know.

I’m out of the country at the moment but still have these available and could ship when I get back in May

Those hoses are really good, possibly even worth the money lol

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Copper pipe is my go to material for cold temps, then ss tubing, then ptfe hose for flexible connections. I can’t find valves rated for below about -40c -50c but they have been working for a couple months at -70c.

FYI don’t run silicone fluid in silicone hoses, lol.


We just bought silicone chiller hose. That was 50 bucks per 10’. I pressure tested it and it held 50psi no problem (our cryodax is 33psi) We were told should handle the temps we need which is -70c it just wont stay flexible at under -40c. We are trying this because we needed quite a bit of hose and the prices were getting crazy for all the other chiller hose i found. Hopefully it works.

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Hope it works for you, really appreciate the reply! If you guys end up having any issues with it, shoot me a dm, I’d like to know if they end up working out long term.

I am looking at a few different things right now, from different tubes/hoses to sanitary tubing and just having it hard lined in as far as I can then buying a short hose. @NewLevelProcess got in touch and introduced me to Lauda I think is the company, they have really good prices if anyone needs any fittings or anything that huber sells they have the same equipment without the insane upcharge. I can’t believe how much huber inflates the prices.

@UneekkUserName thanks for the info! One of the labs I worked at in Colorado was using a silicon chilling fluid and the insulation on the hoses were made of silicon, it leaked over night and dissolved all the insulation off the hoses into a nasty orange goop that got all over everything, I only got to see pictures as it happened before I worked there, but it was insane how nasty of a mess it was.


Hi there.

I recommend hydraulic hoses lined with either Nitrile or PTFE.

These come in TONS of sizes/diameters, and are fairly cheap per foot vs straight PTFE tubing or other specialty hoses.

Most hose/hydraulic hose shops have up to 1" diameter in stock, and can order larger.

These are good down to -60 and below, but loose flexibility around -35c or so.

I have installed these in LOTS of facilities.
Though they loose their flexibility, their outer PVC/RUBBER, middle braided steel, and inner nitrile nearly ensures full safety from any breaches.

Even down to -60 they are not flexibility but are still intrinsically rigid and not as brittle as silicone or PTFE is unshielded.

You can bump into these hoses and move them around without any worry or cracking them, while in service at -60c.


I did some tests on these the other day and they may become available in the near future for half the cost of the super expensive lines. They are vacuum insulated (think Yeti).


Thats a sexy Chiller

Can I play Doom on the HMI?

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It can do a lot with it’s built in command app and the optional app (both include free remote start up), but I don’t think you can do that. Pictured is an IN 280 XT.

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The silicone hose will work for 30 psi as long as you use ethanol, methanol, or a hydrocarbon oil like dynalne MV. Those vacuum jacketed hoses are pimp but to expensive for my budget. I have experience with ptfe hose from mcmaster carr, it is flexible at -75C and help 30 psi fine but it’s expensive. What about regular old ptfe ss braided hose we all have? It moves liquid solvents at low temp so why not heat exchange fluid at a little lower temp?