Chemtek W1 HELP

How are people getting white & clear product with w1?! I’ve ran upwards of 150g per lb of material and still not getting the desired color.

Non chilled butane
Non chilled crc
10lb cls

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Might help if u followed crc protocol…

Run cold to get fats out if no second stage dewax

And bake ur powders


As @StoneD said, you will not get a clear product with a warm extraction (especially not at 150g per pound). I’d suggest trying a 1:1 ratio of biomass to powder and see if that helps.

Realistically you should either extract cold or stall in dewax before hitting the powder, it will greatly improve color.

@Waxplug1 has some posts demonstrating the difference between cold and warm crc floating around the forum somewhere



To chill the solvent it is!

Thanks boys :muscle:

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I have made white product with a warm extraction but i still winterized the solution. Running cold will definitely help pick up less color and winterizing after will help the color even more. One key step is to remove the fats out of the solution before going into the crc to allow the powders to be more selective thus improving purity and color.

I have done multiple fats catcher attempts and small batch testing on medias. I noticed after removing fats it was easier to get :droplet: clear. One thing to keep in mind is the fats/soaps will blind the flow so go for a 6in or wider diameter of DE cake to allow for the “skin” layer to spread out but not blind the flow. If you dont catch them somewhere cold (i put it right under my winterizing column) for example you winterize but push after into a separate 6in crc column, the fats will travel onto the top of the crc and redissolve back into solution due to the crc being room temp(unless you have a cold jacket). That will definitely cause some color and cloudiness to come over into the oil. I hope this info helps.


Thank you big time!

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I would add that you’re dealing with molecular interactions here.

you want the stuff you don’t want to stick to the powders.

the higher the temperature, the faster the molecules are moving. the faster they are moving, the more of them will have what it takes to unstick from the powder.

it is of course a balancing act. get your powders too cold, and you’ll start losing the good stuff to the magic dirt.


I ran w1, it was a bit of a fail due to too many changes at once and not changing the solvent. I had a bit of air In the tank from one of the distillations where I forgot to vac the dessicant chamber. so pressures were off and then valeves were leaking due to the new colder temps etc so I need to rerun the material. I recooked the w1 and it turned dark, ill use that at a later date on crap material but is it being dark mean its ruined? it never stank so i dont think it was soaked in thc or anything.

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By recooked do you mean you baked the media after it was used?


yeah, I put it in a toaster oven at high/ I dont think it was used up, i ran 1 lb but most of the material is still full of thc because i didnt run enough solvent over it.

Well you’re gonna degrade the oil thats on the clay if you cook it like that

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yeah, im gonna use it on some re re re run material and see if it can make the gummies look cleaner than dark oil would. Im using fresh w1 again.

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anyone ran same fresher material through let’s say the same amount of w1 vs w2 to see the difference?

I mainly make live or dried resin. I wanna give the w2 a shot