Chemtek Adsorbents

What’s up brothers and sisters,

This is Waxplug1, and as many of you know I’ve spent years doing research and gaining experience on which adsorbents work best for various applications. From my research, I’ve developed a line of products that I’m excited to release through our brand ChemTek!

We’ve created a full line of products designed to help you with-

Faster flow times to increase your efficiency

Selectivity for higher purity

Water clear/color removal

Pesticide and heavy metal removal

Consistency/stability control

We pride ourselves on offering superior products in superior packaging, with superior customer service. All of our adsorbents come in buckets or plastic sealable containers which allows your products to be sealed more effectively, scooped up easier, and kept fresh until your next use :+1:t3:.

Currently ebay started giving us issues due to the tremendous support coming from the community so we are going to throw the website up live withing a few days here. If any of you need adsorbents now you can reach me through a DM here, IG, or at

We’ll keep you posted on the upcoming release of our silica line, and all of your other adsorbent needs like B-80, Perform and others. :metal:t2: :electric_plug:

I hope you’ll try some of our products and weigh in on how they’re working for you!

I truly appreciate all the support coming from you guys!


Edit: website is up


Show me your flow

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Can’t post vid for some reason but I ran the w1 today and got a heavy flo with minimal nitro push

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Very happy with first pour. Trim was old and machine trimmed I was expecting amber. Ran with cold tane no dewax chamber smells fire. Thx @Waxplug1 u the man!


Run # 2 same filter


What is the best way to get w-1 in my hands in canada?!?

W-1 is the truth! Simple to use, INCREDIBLE flow, and the color and terp profile are the best we’ve seen yet.

This powder is a game changer. Thanks @Waxplug1 @Chemtek


Do you list what w1 is? I don’t want to know your ratios I understand that is your intellectual property so to speak. I just would like to know the contents so I know what I’m using. I see on your website it says bentonite clays?

Its a bentonite clay


Okay so just bentonite? Nothing else? Would you recommend including silica in the mix if it’s already part of our recipe or just pure w1? Currently we have a partner that has an issue with his material coming out with a weird smell or messed up terp profile running through a t5/silica column

Personally, with the wild success of w1, I would not dilute. You are paying a premium for the terpene profile to not be effected. At most this stuff costs me 80 bucks for a half pound of oil. Thats more than most people say they use also.

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Yeah it’s definitely a premium cost. Lol

The W1 is just bentonite. I recommend using only that by itself. I believe the smell comes from using the t5. silica will grab yield but it helps pull the darker yellows.


Would W1 have an issue with the smell? T5 is bentonite clay and you’re saying the w1 is also bentonite clay. What makes it different?

Not every clay is the same. Oil dri has many different clays some are bentonite or attapulgite but they all vary mainly in level of activation. Also t5 is a blend. Tbh idk where the smell comes from. It could be because of the mine it comes from or the way they activate it

Do you have a coa of w1?

I have a coa on finished product using W1 and the sds is on the website