Chemtech KDT-6

Item: ChemTech KD-6

Location: Davis, Ca

Price: $120,000

Fully operational and well maintained ChemTech KDT-6 still. Comes ready to run. Pulled out of service because, well, California. I spoke with it last week and it expressed a strong desire to relocate to Oklahoma (it’s tired of the fires and a saturated market).

Steel body, heated feed flask, Julabo chillers / heaters, Leybold D8B rotary vane pump, Leybold 90i turbo pump, feed pump, glass receivers, wiper motor, gauges, dedicated stainless steel frame, etc.

What it doesn’t have is a dedicated immersion chiller for the cold trap (but dry ice / acetone or LN work in the trap).

The big bonus is an electrical distribution system that allows you to power it via the whip to a 220V 60A 3ø circuit (breaker not included) and avoid endless outlets, conduit, and cords all over the place (see pictures). The rotary vane pump is currently plugged in to a 220V 20A wall receptacle for reasons that escape me.

Overall dimensions of system are 72" x 76" x 28" (WxHxD) so it can fit through standard interior doors.

DM for details or to discuss.

Local pickup preferred, but I may be willing to work your shipping company for a fee.