ChemChix was an evolution in the way of creating a community for women in the space of cannabis extraction. This includes not just the actual extractors but also women in the space that supply the industry. Being at multiple GLG events and seeing that the same women are there every time, I began to believe that those same few women are all that exist in the extraction community. Through my work in the extraction industry I came to learn of a lot more of these awesome women that extract and consult. These unknown ChemChix are either not affiliated with the Future 4200/GLG community or they are hidden behind larger lab corporations. The women in our industry and community deserve to be acknowledged, highlighted, recognized, and supported. ChemChix is creating a proud space for women in this industry. We support all women in cannabis but we have a highlight for women in extraction. The love of hash whether it is CRC, CO2, solvent or solventless is what should unite us. ChemChix is acknowledging them all and we do not discriminate on their processes. ChemChix also includes all of the women that work in the industry and have a passion for extraction.
I have met so many women that are not extractors but everyday are trying to evolve their knowledge and have a passion . A lot of labs are run by some amazing chemchix that are facilitating education, extraction, quality control, and beyond. ChemChix was made to give women inclusion in the already established community of the Good Life Gang. We would like to educate and support up and coming ChemChix as well we would like to introduce a lot of the ChemChix to the GLG community. ChemChix is not a feminist group and we do not bash or hate men. A majority of our followers and supporters are men. We have been supported by so many men in the industry. I am going to attempt to name and thank as many as I can.

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ChemChix was created for every Becca, Cat, Gina, Liz, Jane, Nikki, Nickolette, Michelle, Murphy, Stacy, and Steph that have worked so hard to support this industry with sometimes minimal recognition. :test_tube:


Testing labs employ a higher ratio of women in my experience after working cultivation and extraction gigs. Our lab of a dozen people has only 4 of us guys. My roommate works at another lab in town and says it’s 50/50.

Smoothest run company I’ve worked for. People are honest, professional, organized, and precise.


it probably works well too as woman tend to have more patience then men…


Respect :vulcan_salute: