ChaseYooth's THCa experience

Hey guys, @ChaseYooth here. Aka Chonkski :slight_smile:

I posted a bit of this experience on my feed the other day, but as promised, I have been wanting to get the conversation started here on the forums.

So I’ll just start by transparently walking through my steps taken…

I basically started with a normal fresh frozen run, 70/30 blend running subzero and a 90 min dewax… Left quite a bit of solvent before pouring (Maybe around 50%) and then jarred and took the solution down to subzero temps to crash out the THCa. On four large jars. I first took it down to -60f to force the crashing, then up to -10f to dwell over night to get the blooms going.

The next morning there was around 120g of isolated THCa in each jar stuck to the bottom…

I then poured off the subzero mother liquor and collected all of the THCa blooms in one jar, also letting it come up to ambient temperatures (80f).

That day I ran half the size(~30lbs) of the previous run (~75lbs fresh frozen Sour Diesel). After the dewax I then recovered all the way down to around 5%Solvent left, if that. I poured that run into a beaker so I could monitor the reaction… Once I was comfortable with the temperature and supersaturation, I then poured my supersaturation from the beaker to the jar full of THCa isolate/“bloomies”.

I let the jar sit for about 30min to be sure the temperature was consistent between the supersaturation and the THCa before capping. After sitting for about 10-12 hours I returned to see that not much had changed although the bloomies had definitely grown. Alot.

So being the kid I am, not being able to keep my hands off, I decided to burp it. Well, when i did, all of the Blooms sitting at the bottom instantly blew up into those crazy looking structures in the pic and video. Not only that, but the THCa within the solution appeared to have doubled, at least. Appearing as a fine powder that was quickly dissolving. As well as the level of liquid in the solution going down.

I believe the small amounts of entrained solvent caused the sudden reaction due to the swift swing in pressure when burping… Some how that reaction caused alot of the suspended THCa within the solution to crash and fall out instantly as well. And that is what amazes me the most within this stumbleupon.

My second and third trial of this same operating procedure were failures because I believe i rushed the process and did not allow enough solvent to leave the solution. And also perhaps the solution may have been too warm.

I’m continuing trials of this process, and would love to throw these ideas back and forth, rather than sit on them within my own team. So lets start this convo.

Anyways, thats all I got for now. sorry it took a while to get this up but Ive been super buried!![image|375x500](upload://cXHjMYL3iulNG1CWZbG7GK55X98.jpeg)


P.S. Shout out to @WaxPervert and @Otscc on insta for pretty much understanding (to the best of our combined experiences) exactly what was going on as well.


Show us some pics here :sunglasses:


Just threw some up! I’ll get some more off my computer and throw em up when I get a chance🤙


that crystal formation looks clean!

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While no chemical reaction occurred, the quick pressure change while at room temperature caused what butane was in solution and what was in vapor form above it to quickly leave. This results in both an increase in supersaturation leading to THCa falling out of the solution as well as disturbing the solution by creating bubbles under the previously formed blooms there breaking them apart although not allowing them to redisolve in solution. The only reason this should not work again is if you leave far too much butane in the solution. Shoot for few slowly rising bubbles at room temp before capping. Hopes this helps @Chonksi


I THINK similar things have happened here a few times recently. And looking for some input…
Its fine like this.
40/40/20 blend
Fresh frozen,
Column dry iced (Ran in 17° atmosphere. If that effected)
Recovered to aprox 1lb. Left
Poured in to smaller shsllow stainless vessel clamped tight.
Left in aprox -20° overnight.
Opened what was a bit like a stainless geode!

Column dry iced is not a true de wax. I real eyes. And is what I was going for in Freezer..

Did i just drop out shiny fats?? With a fraction of thca crystalization hitching a ride?
This maybe the 3rd time having this result .
Never having intended to leave in freezer for as long as overnight… When did … I figured I have a dish full of blooms that would desolve… nope… Less than 24 hour diamonds that coulda gone longer???