CES Spray-Vap Offered at $42,500 each ***SOLD***

Set it and forget it (more autonomous than Roto-Vaps in our opinion)

SprayVap™ is a closed-loop, continuous, patent pending falling film alcohol evaporation system that separates liquids from other liquids and solids based on vapor pressures and concentrates the non-volatilized liquids and solids into an oil concentrate, while reproofing the alcohol.

A tincture is fed into the system by way of a peristaltic pump (40). A vacuum system (40) is used to maintain a vacuum in the system. Vacuum is pulled through either 36a or 38a. A recirculating hot water system maintains temperature in both the evaporator column (12) thru 44a and 44b and oil collection flask (21). The recirculating chiller maintains temperature in the main condenser (26) and secondary condenser (32) between -5C and 20C. The tincture is metered into the system and flows through the spray nozzle (16), which sets up the falling film in the evap sphere (14). The falling film moves into the evaporator column (18) and releases 99.9+% of the ethanol. The vapor moves upward through (28) and is condensed in (26), however,
we have the secondary condenser (32) to condenser vapor that made it through the main condenser (26). The distillate flows through the auxiliary distillate flask (30) into the main distillate collection vessel (34). The concentrated oil is collected (20) and mixed by magnetic
stirrer (22) until collection occurs. -CES

Hi, how much for just the system, excluding the chiller(s) & heater(s)?
What’s the panel on the right side of the right unit? Electrical panel for both units? Something else?

What’s the throughput per hour on this thing?

@Darkstar if I remember correctly from mine it was around 40liters an hour? I kinda miss the ol spray vap

At the lowest alcohol concentrated output on the collection side this can do about 19-21 liters per hour.


Forsure if you factor in collection mine was considerably slower than that b.c. I would do a partial de-carb in the collection pots after filling her up. I would say it’s around 40 lph during the main evap stage

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Yea but that’s with 10-15% solvent left I believe. If you want below 5% it’s slower.


100% agreed

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Thank you.

Sorry, it’s sold as listed

According to what I read, it’s up to 24 L per hour. We’ve experienced 10 or 12 L per hour on a consistent basis. But like any lab equipment, results will vary depending on what kind of material you’re using.

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So now that’s it’s sold i definitely have some questions. What possessed y’all to pay probably 50-60,000$ for something that at its BEST was going to do 6-6.5 gallons an hour? And In reality did 3 gallons an hour?

My 20L roto that I paid 12,000$ total for does 13-15 liters per hour.

I’m trying to figure out how these companies stay in business and even make money.

Was it a purchase made by someone uneducated? Or were they over promising it’s capacity ? Or what? I’d love to see all these companies ripping off everyone 24/7 go under. To charge so much money for 12L an hour is disgusting. Just like pinnacle charging like 400,000$ for a washing vessel and holding vessel that does like 400 pounds in 12 hours … so many companies making millions by ripping off our hard working fellows

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Ces, has always been a company full of con men. I once had a in depth conversation with the owners about the same exact thing. They stood there and began to lie to me and convince me of things that weren’t true, I told them my 10/20 liter rotovap gets 20 liters per hour. They said if my pockets weren’t deep enough they didn’t Wana talk to me anymore - because my pockets weren’t deep enough. (I don’t think they knew who I was at the time). They are clowns. Those two old dudes that run ces each and Everytime I’ve encountered them it was like dealing with two old Chad’s and Brad’s. I dont get it. Literally slower than a roto at 100k and you still need a roto to punch the rest of the solvent out with a ces spray vap.

Then again, some crooks get curb stomped so hard they find another industry…great example…Columbo labs is a real estate agent now. What a shocker.


I was under the impression these were primarily used for creating specific particle sizes of encapsulations. I knew some guys in Colorado using one to prepare their water soluble CBD, last I saw, they had gotten it all figured out and were ready to scale up from a bench top unit.

You can use any falling film device. The process doesn’t change. Just how slow or fast you push it through.

Are you sure it wasn’t a spray dryer?

Edit: like this Spray drying - Wikipedia

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Ya spray caps are just solvent recovery doesn’t have anything to do with particle shrinkage

Spray dryers still don’t really change particle size. Nano machines actually sheer the particles to decrease the size, and then they spray dry that now sheered particle solution into a powder

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Is Columbo really doing real estate sales? That’s hilarious Hahahaha

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[quote=“spdking, post:13, topic:82101”]
Columbo labs is a real estate agent now. What a shocker
[/quote]. Wonder how he is at that