Certified GLG Goods

There’s a new project in the pipeline…

The goal is to provide a stamp of approval that GLG members and affiliates can apply to their goods and services to allow their customers to quickly vet the quality of said products.

This would involve various categories of products, each with its own certification process specific to that category.

Take CRC for example. We have the hardware, the media, the solvent, the starting material, the SOP, and the end product.

At the very least, if a GLG processor followed the stamped certified CRC SOP, their end product could receive a base level GLGc stamp. If they used GLGc equipment, media, solvent, and SOPs, then they would receive a higher standard stamp.

Basically will copy the Whole Foods 5 step meat program

This project is still in the development stages so any input is very welcome.

Some issues I see needing more brainstorming:

-Accountability. How do we audit this program to ensure that people are actually performing?
-Cost. Auditing sounds expensive, so the program will probably require a fee structure
-Authority. We should democratize the qualification standards





GLG Approved Testing Lab/s?


This could be where that block chain / rfid tags fit.
I wanted to do something like Www.niceland.com.
@Future this fits perfectly into the cattle business.
Been brewing this up
For about a year. I think we could get that done and done well.

For cannabis that helps control fraud and bootlegs.

By gang for gang is good for the gang too.

…this can Be complicated or not.
I suppose implement QC standards.
Post test results to public board, put most of the obligations on the member company to stay current.
Like the tier program too especially if it pushes quality equipment and safety.
Definitely puts the gang logo out more in the public. That would possibly lead To association or International Standard Association.
This would Ben good for having an extractor certification program — have to pass written test and work experience
Same model as “ASE” for mechanics


@mosaic @iLLnyeTheShatterGuy

Here’s some of my brainstorming thus far

Some things Jesse and I spoke about today

-You don’t have to be a GLG member to get certified, but there are discounts and advantages to it if you are
-I think focusing on a specific point and working out from there would be solid. For example, @murphymurri CRC end product first, which allows us to emphasis and focus on end consumer safety and education. Then her classes, then her equipment, then the whole lab itself, then then her the lab operator via our overarching continuing education program
-This is to be a GLG collaboration project, thus a separate association ought be formed to handle this operation as a whole (the gang benefits from the added value of a membership via its discounts and advantages within the GLGc program)