Centurion Trimmer For Sale (SOLD)

Item Model/Manufacturer: Centurion Pro Tabletop (It definitely goes on the floor) trimmer with wet/dry drums
Description: Trimmer used about 100 hours because I got a bigger unit. The wet and dry drums are perfectly cylindrical and never had the “squealing” issue. The blower is still 100%. The bag has all 3 bags, but is slightly stained from wet trim customers.
Price/MSRP: $950
Current location of item: Kalamazoo, MI
Estimated lead time: 0 Days
Fulfillment: You pick up locally
User support / Warranty: AS IS, a little dusty, but is known as “old reliable”. I’ll give her a good scrub down before you pick it up.

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Happy to buy this. DM sent

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Tentatively sold until pickup. Thanks for looking!

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sounds like a steal.

I used to wheel and deal equipment, so I have a pretty good idea of prices to get stuff to move.

I wish it were the same for $400 outdoor units, $500 light dep units, and $600-800 indoor units.

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im about to move and have big ass hps lights and lec lights i need to dump. I think ill offer consults with free lights. Gotta get those consult cards printed but today im working on the bike. used equipment isnt worth shit but that trimmer looks nice. as a home grow consultant a trimming machine would be a bonus to customers.

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Thank you thumper for the input

the last sentence was meaningful/ he said its sold already.

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Thanks for your invaluable input as well.


I’m just here for thumps consultation services

I didn’t know he was doing lawnmowing consults


Lawn mowing? I hire people to mow my lawn.

Idk why you think landscaping and turf are the same. Turf is more related to carpentry then anything.

Plus, only way you’re making good money off landscaping is if you own your own contracting business and do it yourself, or subcontract off other landscaping companies.

Can’t make good money off being a grunt in landscaping even. Turf pays me more than a corporate drilling job would have.

gummychad: employer




How’s the gummy op? Lmk when that $750/day spot opens up


Do you even know what turf is if you think its not related to carpentry lmao?

Also @pdxcanna I focus on carts now.

someone pull up that tard blaster he made to fill carts with


Haha that? I stated it didn’t work, but the PID and heat pads work, which are coming in handy for a future project.

Also what happened to the turf subject? Or switching it up for more straws to grasp?

it’s a cannabis forum. find a landscaper one and join that.

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You’re the one who brought it up first, not me. Thats why I’m asking.

You seem interested in turf. If you need an estimate just hit the DM’s.

you buy the trailer and hire the employees and you market yourself and thats how you make money landscaping/ theres goldmines just getting a job maintaining athletic fields and such. similar to op who said he rented this machine out

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