Centurion Pro mini Wet and dry bud trimmer

Item Model/Manufacturer:
Centurion Pro mini Wet and dry bud trimmer

Trims up to 35 pounds wet, or 7 pounds dry buds
Effectively does the job of up to 28 people
1.5 HP horsepower leaf collector system

Price/MSRP: Price for sale $4,000 / MSRP $6,000

Current location of item: Hagerstown, MD

Estimated lead time: Days

Fulfillment: Direct from seller. To heavy to ship.

User support / Warranty: manufacture warranty. Item was purchased one year ago.

Trimmer works great, am only getting rid of it because I am closing down my indoor farm and repositioning my company in a new direction. Willing to take 4,000$ OBO

I just sold one for $2500 with ~200 hours on it, but looked really clean. $4k is steep when there’s a bunch on Craigslist to be had.

I would also post pictures showing the blade is taken care of and the drum is circular, not oblong, which causes ear piercing squeaking.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate that tip

Ate u satisfied with this one? Had mellow rewiews sofar…


They are made of metal, which is nice. A buddy has a full size Centurion and it probably has 2500 hours on it now. The only maintenance he has done is replacing the drive belt and pounding the drum with a rubber mallet (yes, that’s a thing) back into a round shape.

That said, the drum is the only complaint, which screams if it becomes off balance. I’d buy a couple drums with the nonstick coating if I were to get another. I have a T2 just for the capacity now.


I am satisfied with this product, and it has worked out great for us. But in closing down our indoor farm we are letting it go to liquidate. AgTonik certainly has more experience with this product then we do, since we only used it for two harvests and only ran it for 35 hours. Yes I know very small amount of time ran. We only did two harvests before realizing that our overhead for indoor was going to kill us with the output that we were doing.


If it’s clean with only 35 hours, you can certainly ask more, especially if people are dickering. The market is tough these days!


lol this might sound really stupid. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to post pictures on my post.

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Thank you so much!!! Lol I figured it was that easy

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