What’s a good company for a centrifuge ? Or ethanol extract equipment.
Looking for a small one about 10-20L centrifuge
10L reactor
& 10 L shortpath

And a good company for a single phase chiller


Check out the search in the top right… all your answers will be there.




I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the equipment sharks tap in


Paging leakphang…
Paging leakphang…


I’ll do all your shopping for you, give you the best price to quality ratio, and make sure your equipment is going to be well waranteed. I’ll make sure you can get your desired end product start to finish. I’ll even throw in a couple hours of remote consult for setup.

You can dm me for my resonable fees (which will save you a great number of days if not weeks of comparison shopping). Or you can rock that search bar :man_shrugging:t2:

Or, I’m sure a vendor around here would be happy to oblige. But be warned, every chinese chiller supplier (and some of the mechanical) on this site are garbage. Make sure you read the complaint threads.


I think this is still a conversation worth having. I don’t know any thread where people collated all the vendors and actually discussed who was the best. I’ve used CUP, ACE, and Peony (chinese) so far.


We have centrifuges. $5450 for the 19L model. $1520 for 10L glass reactor $1860 for 10L SPD. About the chiller, please let me know more your requirement on it. Then I can give you a quote. My email address is admin@touch-science.com. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on these equipment.

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Yeah, probably a few threads on each type of products. But we could probably sift through a top three pretty easily. Or a few options at a few different price points

Yeah don’t need a parts list just a good company can probably make better extracts than most the people talking shit😂.

Summit research? Delta separations?
@extraction_hemp has a centrifuge but with the small following just sketched on actually receiving a product :joy:.

USA labs has there’s for 18k

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Try ours.

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Do you have centrifuges that can run heptane or hexane?


We have some great equipment

Made in America

I am anna from zzkd, We special produce all kinds of laboratory instruments, like the glass reactor, rotary evaporator, freeze dryer, vacuum drying oven and vacuum pump etc.