Centrifuge PSZ-600 for sale in LA!Fast delivery!

Item Model:
·Capacity: 110L
·Rotating speed: 900r/min
·Motor Power: 3kw

The centrifuge PSZ-600 is available in stock in LA, with 50-55 pounds of biomass at a time, working twice an hour

Current location of item:LA

Fulfillment:Direct from seller

User support / Warranty:1year

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The new unit PSZ-350, 30L is in stock in LA, fast delivery
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Centrifuges are sold in LA, can choose PSZ-450 and PSZ-600, with controller and filter bags.

Our centrifuge is a motor-fan integrated machine, and the heat dissipation device assists in heat dissipation. It is an excellent machine for ethanol extraction, and can be used with a chiller or a rotary evaporator, etc., and comes with 3 filter bags

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Email: aurora@fcscientific.ltd

Glass crystallisation reactors for crystallisation, concentration, distillation, reflux, separation and purification, customised services available. 50L and 100L available in California welcome to consult :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Solventless Trichome Separator 75 gallon with 50/40 chiller, Best price!! PM for more details


Rotary evaporator for sale in LA.You can choose single condensation or double condensation,available sizes are 20L and 50L. Other capacities can also be customized.Dm me for more info.:alembic:


chiller DLSB-50/80 cooling process, this model is in stock in LA,best price!dm for more info.:raised_hands:


100L jacketed glass reactor, adjustable speed from 0 to 600rpm, double glass structure, safe and reliable, suitable for 240V/60HZ.DM for more details
WA: 86-15859132311

PSZ-600 (110L)ethanol extraction centrifuge in stock in LA. Can process biomass 50lb-55lb per time.PSZ-450(60L)also in stock.DM for more details

The new freeze dryer is on the market

·Slanted cutting surface design for easy operation.

·PLC and touch screen setup for real-time temperature data recording and remote control.

·Vertical door structure for in-situ freeze-drying of materials

·Preset shelf temperature control curves to achieve automation of the sublimation process.

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All models of chillers are in stock.DM for the model you need. :raised_hands:


chiller DLSB-100/80, other models available such as -30c, -40c, -80c, -120c, all models in stock in CA.Dm for more info.Best Price!


Centrifuge 60L and 110L are in stock in Los Angeles, welcome to consult