Centrifuge For Sale $6500

Item: Top Discharge Centrifuge PPTD-25

Location: Wisconsin

Price: $6500 OBO

image https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/3X/6/c/6c9813ca0fed824f6ff1d22cba1822265a14a2db.png

I bought this centrifuge new. It is still sitting on the pallet, and can be shipped anywhere.

My electrician re-wired it in order to accept single phase in. This can be changed if needed…

I have not put any ethanol or hemp into it. It should hold about 10 lbs of biomass at a time.

No issues, it just is not the piece I want long term. Priced to sell.


image https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/3X/f/9/f9bc7bae0dd024ebbfed4eea921d8876e6ffadd5.jpeg

image https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/3X/7/3/7369a1837d70988d7955e598a8b24c40af517d04.jpeg

image https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/3X/a/4/a4cbd6a87a48cf5893dde2cbaff9aa1cb02a6440.jpeg

Just the centrifuge or are any ancillary parts included? Is shipping included in price?

Just the centrifuge and the control panel. No tanks, pipes, or adapters. Shipping is extra.

Is his certified for c1d2 flammable?

it is designed for such a use, but not “certified” as such by anyone in the US.

eg: the “explosion proof” on the motor plaque means it meets Chinese spec for use in such an environment.


Hope it helps.
image image ![image|320x240](upload

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Is this still available?